The calm before the fricking storm

Here we are again. It’s the in-between stage where Christmas just wrapped up and we’re headed for New Year’s Day. It’s a time to stare at yourself in horror, dream up how you’ll become a multi-millionaire, defuse tantrums from your 3-year-old and watch, help and feel badly for your pregnant wife as she hobbles around in pain knowing there’s still a solid two months to go before baby arrives.

Yes, an interesting time indeed. But also, it’s a time to shed the skin, reflect and prepare for the best year of your life. That’s what I feel is coming. Maybe it’s my overbearing sense of OCD – and that 2020 is a nice, rounded number that symbolizes a big year ahead. Or maybe it’s because I just turned 40 and all hell is breaking loose internally and outwardly.

So what do I do in a panic when I’m already overburdened with too much work? Create more! So I cleaned up this blog, gave it a new fresh face with a close shave and slapped it up on this idle Saturday. Yes, there are many things I could be doing right now that are far more important. But blogging has always been interesting to me. It’s cathartic, it’s creative and it’s content. Content will always be King. So thank you for stopping by for the first time, or coming back.

This refreshed blog will be updated often. I’ll try to create value about a myriad of topics and share what’s going on in my life. And we’ll keep it as short as possible. Because likely, if I don’t get you at the headline, I probably won’t get you at all.

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