The Gasparilla Children’s Parade

Today we embarked on an annual tradition: The Gasparilla Children’s Parade. This is the precursor to the main event next weekend – the Gasparilla Parade. Essentially, thousands of people cram onto Bayshore Boulevard for one of the biggest parades in the country. But today was much more tame. It was the kids’ chance to get out there and grab some beads and cheer on some pirates.

Today we met at a friend’s house for a bit of a pre-game. Then down to the parade to check out the bands, the floats and the pirates in all their regalia. The goal is always beads. How many beads can you catch and walk home with. We took it a bit easier than in years past.

Bella and my pregnant wife Tara did a great job and had a great time. But let me explain that this is nothing what next weekend will be like. I hosted the main Gasparilla parade a few years and was even the ‘pirate on the street’ one year. This year, I’ll be out of town and therefore, off the hook – literally. And with a pregnant wife, that’s just fine with me.

Argghhhh, matey.

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