The pandemic haircut

Today was a good day for a haircut. I got one before the holidays so I was overdue. As I sat in the chair talking to my stylist Geo, we discussed the pandemic haircut: who gets them, who doesn’t and why they choose to do what they do.

Early on, haircuts were forbidden. We didn’t know much about this pandemic, so everyone was forced to ‘let it grow’ until there was some safe way to split some hairs. But now some people get them, some don’t, some have specific rules and others just let it grow and grow and grow.

Pandemic haircut
My haircuts are pretty simple. 30 minutes, in and out. Mask on, of course.

These days, I go every three weeks or so. Geo works in a salon that is buttoned up: they’re spaced out, they wear masks, they require customers wear masks and it feels totally safe.

The pandemic haircut: what do you do?

I asked him how business was. He said it was ‘Okay’ – nothing like pre-pandemic levels.

Pandemic Haircut

“It’ll get better,” he says. “It always does.”

Geo told me some customers haven’t changed much and come in pretty regularly. Others rarely come in. Some stopped coloring their hair. Others request a stylist in a lone room with no one around. And given the ages of people he sees ranges from teens to the elderly, I can understand each case is different.

But I must admit, I’ve seen some people I hardly recognize because of the mop of hair they’ve managed to sprout since the pandemic began. I kinda wish I could just let it grow for a year or more without cutting it. It would be a disaster, actually.

So what do you do? Leave a comment in this post or in the thread. Hopefully soon we’ll all be back to looking sharp like the days of old. ????‍♂️

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