The run for Sweeps

This is always a busy time of year.

Sweeps periods fall during four different months of the year. While we continually run hard ALL the time at WFTV, we focus on putting together stories for sweeps that really get to the bottom of a topic – we put some extra ‘oomph’ into it. Today my photographer Dan and I were in Daytona Beach meeting a computer forensics pro – a truly smart fella. He can find everything on your computer that you probably don’t want him to find. But the interview was great and we spent the rest of the day tying up loose ends on our story that will air in a few weeks. The story does not focus on computers, but it does deal in something you use everyday. And this device could be automatically doing something you don’t want it to! There. That’s your tease. Tune in to check it out. I’ll post it here when it airs.

But preparing for Sweeps can be intense. Surprising to me I even have time to update my blog. But I’ve been slacking on it too much. So now is the time to get cracking and get back at it.

We have some pretty great stories to air in May – so check often, and of course, check back here to see the work Cory, Dan and I have been busy getting after for the past month. Have a great rest of the week!

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