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It’s not easy, that’s for sure. Today is Friday, a day I’ve waited for what seems to be an eternity. It’s a day to unwind and prepare yourself for the weekend. This also is the day my parents arrive from chilly Minnesota! I rarely get to see them. So while I had to work, I was able to have dinner and chat with them briefly before finishing up the 8:00 newscast. Then it was home for a few glasses of wine. Then off to bed. Which is why I’m here. Now. Blogging. Sigh. Yawn.

Yes, it’s late. It’s Friday. And there are a million things I’d rather be doing than blogging at this minute. Sleep fills out 99% of those things I dream of. But alas, I did make a big announcement that I planned to blog EVERY DAY of 2020. That may have been a mistake. But I sure as hell am not going to fail only 11 days into the year. No, I’m just getting started.

erath wine
If you’re looking for an easy, effective and tasty bottle of Pinot, try Erath. It never disappoints. It’s from my favorite winery in the world – the Willamette Valley in Oregon. 

Is blogging difficult to achieve every day? Yes. Did you get anything worthwhile from this blog post? Likely not.

So I will strive to create great, USEFUL content in the future. But you’ll need to cut this guy some slack on the idle Fridays when family is in town and I’ve had 4 too many glasses of wine.

Godspeed and goodnight.

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