Things to do in Tampa: eBoats

We’ve lived in Tampa for nearly five years now. Time has flown. But regardless of where I’ve lived in the past, I’ve always struggled with the question I had yesterday: what are some things to do in Tampa? It almost seems obvious since Tampa has a lot to offer. But when you’re really pressed against the coals and have to make a decision, it’s not that easy. My parents were in town this weekend and we only had a short time – so we wanted something fun, easy and very Tampa-esque. And we found the perfect solution – eBoats Tampa.

Things to do in Tampa
There are 8 boats in the fleet so you have a good chance of reserving an eBoat ahead of time.

eBoats Tampa gives residents and visitors an opportunity to captain their own boat. It’s very turn-key. You can drive the boat yourself, or hire a captain if you’re not comfortable to do it yourself. Each boat can hold up to 12 passengers. You rent the boat by the hour. You are allowed to go alongside Davis Island, Harbour Island, up and down the Hillsborough River and in the bay. There is so much space to explore. You can bring food and beverage on board. The boat is silent (because it’s electric). And the staff was super helpful getting the paperwork done, the quick test drive and we were on the water within 15 minutes.

Things to do in Tampa
The Captain and his First Mate.

Now, if you’re looking to blast off up and down the channels, don’t bother. These boats only go about 5-7 mph (max). So you won’t be going that fast. But it’s perfect to drive, chat, have some snacks and some drinks and just enjoy what Tampa has to offer. If you’re lucky you’ll spot a dolphin (we didn’t on this trip).

Also, if you want to stop for food, you can tie off any a lot of the docks available. We stopped for lunch at Columbia downtown and tied off on the dock. Super easy, super slick. Prices are per hour. The longer you go, the cheaper per hour it is. Here are costs.

Things to do in Tampa
Grandma and Pop B. with Bella on the dock at Columbia.

So if you’re looking for things to do in Tampa and you can’t come up with anything, give the eBoats a shot. We were super pleased with the experience and will definitely try it again.

Tip: You pay by the hour. We tried 3, but were wrapping up to go eat after 2 – so they give you a punch card for an added hour so you don’t waste the cash. Just ask them when you return the boat. The staff is super friendly.

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