Time to get the baby nursery together

Baby Brooklyn arrives on March 26.  Well, that’s the plan anyway. Which means there is less than two months before she’s bundled up and on her way home. So it’s time to get the nursery together.

My wife has a concept in mind (thank goodness). And no, the black swatches does not mean we’re brining a child into a depressed dark room with no light. You’ll have to wait for the reveal. But more importantly for me, it’s time to work. A light needs to be installed, curtains, rug, furniture built. Yep, Dad duty is calling.

Black swatches. Don’t be alarmed. Tara ‘promises’ it’ll be cool.

I think most parents strive to make their baby’s nursery special. My big thing is the rug. Since moving to Florida, I haven’t had carpet in any of my living spaces. I get why, but I love to be able to just drop on a soft surface and stretch out. Kinda hard on wood and tile. So I always look forward to the rug.

Tara gets excited about the closet (big shocker). Since we’ve already had a girl, Brooklyn is in line to have quite an impressive closet. So that will require built in shelves (IKEA, of course) and nooks and crannies that will be filled up no doubt.

But it’s an exiting time for sure. It’s a reminder that this is really happening and the countdown is on. So tomorrow I begin painting. And building. And wiring.

No sleep til’ Brooklyn.

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