Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Two things I know: Journalist and Police Officer aren’t the most popular careers right now. But way back when my brothers and I were wee lads, we thought those jobs were pretty cool and they struck a chord with us. I went the journalist route, our middle brother went into banking (smart) and my oldest brother became a sheriff’s deputy. So I’m thanking he and others in the profession on this National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Listen, I know the world has been jacked around the last few years (or even centuries for that matter). People have been dealt horrific atrocities. Law enforcement officers have been the victim and the aggressor. Journalists have been the enemy and the truth-seekers who have brought about good change. There is no perfect formula for just about anything or anyone.

While we all continue to sort through the issues of our time, I believe there is a valuable place for law enforcement not only to keep the peace, but to keep us safe. The jobs they do day in and day out are simply not recognized enough. They put their lives on the line for us – and for that we should be thankful. We’ve both come to understand our careers are mostly thankless and we don’t expect any accolades.

Yes, there are a few that bring a bad name to the law enforcement profession (and destroy families in the process). There is simply no excuse for that.

But on this National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, I choose to thank those who do the job they were hired and trained to do to keep the order and keep us safe as a nation. ????

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