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Phil Amato - TV News AnchorPhil Amato is a television news anchor in Jacksonville, Florida. I had the honor of putting together his new website for his anchoring, reporting, writing and editing career. The website profiles his 28 years of TV News experience and his interests in business, tech and real estate. He wakes up First Coast News viewers every weekday morning by combining a blend of breaking news, serious and feature news reporting and humor in every broadcast.

Phil faced a problem many people in TV News share – the domain name of their ‘actual name’ was already taken by someone else. Trust me, it’s very common. It took me months to negotiate for my own domain. Phil was left with the .net domain, but it does contain his full name:

But either way, anyone searching for Phil will find him in Google based on content he’s writing and information written in his bio pages. That’s the goal.

Phil Amato WebsiteWebsite:
Platform: WordPress (3.4.2)

> Tweet Blender plugin (Love this plugin)
> Facebook Widget
> Google Analytics plugin
> Askimet Spam plugin
> Contact 7 Form plugin

Learn more about Phil by following him on Twitter or liking his Facebook profile.

If you or someone you know (in the TV News business or not) is looking for a website, let me now. I may be able to help you acquire the domain you’d like. And we have all the hosting space with email, analytics, FTP and anything else you may need.

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