Welcome home, grab a shovel

Made it.

What a journey. I really want to pressure wash myself of airports, cheap hotels, long lines, Delta cookies (but they’re still so damn good) and the various knots in my left shoulder blade.

I arrived home about noon today to a driveway that was BURIED. My parents were stuck at my brother’s house and were nice enough to pick me up at the airport when I finally arrived from Grand Forks International Airport (I just love saying it – it seems so ridiculous. I’ve seen homes that were bigger). I suppose Canada counts, so International works, I guess. Suffice it to say – no one was home to tackle the driveway. So that’s what we did.

It was actually pretty nice to move around for once. I’ve been sitting on a plane for days and I’m over it. So we snowplowed, shoveled, trudged, kicked and slipped our way around the property. All is well. Even my shoulder isn’t barking at me as it has been. Tomorrow will be a different story.

This recent storm was a doozie. There were cars in the ditch everywhere, the airport closed and even the Metrodome collapsed. Now that’s serious. I’ve learned the Vikings will play the Giants tomorrow night at 6:20 in Detroit. Favre claims he isn’t going to play. I find that hard to believe.

But all is well in Scandia, Minnesota. I can now continue what I came here to do – relax and enjoy family and friends – and fatten up about 5 lbs. Nothing is better than mom’s cooking. I’m heading back to the airport to collect Ali who arrives at 5:00pm from Phoenix. I’m sure she’ll think twice about ever wanting to return to this deep freezer. We’ll see.

What’s nice is that I feel like I’ve already been on vacation for a week based on the amount of miles I’ve traveled and the things I’ve seen. Grand Forks wasn’t Las Vegas – but it was a destination. I met some nice people at the hotel bar, Nelson from Medtronic who lives in Hugo (who loved the 44 oz. Ambers) and Marilyn from Michigan to was headed to see a friend in Seattle (I told her she just HAD to try Jagermeister since she’s never had it.  I learned the next day she had three shots on top of her 44oz Amber – Atta way, trooper!). The poor lady probably won’t make it to Seattle for awhile since a storm was brewing there as well. Polaris is probably hung WAY over today (see prior post). But this is stuff you just can’t make up. It makes life interesting.

Thanks to those who dropped a line to wonder where I was and how I was doing. Hopefully your weekend was delightful. My extended weekend continues right now.

First task: Pressure washing.

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