When you find yourself in Google Street View photos

What happens when you find yourself in Google Street View photos? First, you’re famous. Lets be real. Second, nothing happens. But you really only get a few seconds to decide how you will present yourself to virtually the entire world when you come face to face with a Google Maps Mobile.

I was confronted with that very opportunity a few months ago while I was out walking our dogs Scout and Savannah through the neighborhood. We were about five minutes into the walk when down yonder I could make out what seemed to be a very large pole on a very small car. It was headed my direction. There was no one around. Just me, the road, empty homes, the dogs and said Google car. I had seconds to decide my fate.

Hello, old friend.

I could have faked a dog attack. I could have jumped and made some outstanding aerial pose. I could have been a helluva lot more creative than what I chose. I watched. I waved slightly. Then I went on my way wondering just how long it would be before my aerial appearance would hit the interwebs. I figured a year or more. I was wrong.

While perusing Google Maps in my neighborhood (I was looking at my house, I’m not creepy), I started playing with the features to follow down the road. And instinctively as I came to the spot where the photo was taken, I felt a spark and thought “I think this was the spot!”. I turned the camera sure as Sheboygan, there we were in all of our Street View glory.

Here it comes…and there it goesssss.

The head on shot is pretty standard. As you follow the arrows you get a bit of body movement, but nothing earth shattering.

Extremely tame considering there are websites dedicated to street view shenanigans, downright oddities and overall ‘best of’ lists of Google Street Views on the web. I’ve included a few below for your enjoyment.

No blur on the face. This is a violation!

I must say my life hasn’t changed much since making it on Google Street View.


Winning Google Street View photos

There are some who take every advantage to make their appearances on Google Street View memorable. Here is just a sampling of some of the more interesting views on Google Street View and some of the unique people behind them. Enjoy.

google street view photos

This guy has no shame, whatsoever. I kinda give him some credit.

google street view photos

Making a break for it. So much for quiet nature.

google street view photos

Because seeing a tiger on the sidewalk mid-day is the norm. What the…

google street view photos

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Preach on, man.

google street view photos

Took a wrong turn and immediately regretting it.

google street view photos

Not quite sure I even know how this is possible given the time constraints.

google street view photos
Speed Racer at a standstill.

google street view photos

Gonna slayyyyy.

google street view photos

What will I tell my wife?

google street view photos


google street view photos

This guy is on his own.

google street view photos

Nice to have an audience during the drive by. Nice flamingos.

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