Why having a kid helps your procrastination problem

I’m a procrastinator. There are just some things I can’t stand doing. And before I get to them, I find ways of diverting my attention so I don’t have to face the music and just sit down and get it done. I have no idea why I’m this way for some things and not all – or why I’m like this at all. Procrastination just sucks, but I bet every person suffers from it at some level. But I have found a way to break out of this vicious cycle. Have a kid.

Case in point, our nursery (or lack thereof). We are expecting child #2 in March. I’m super excited and feeling a set of emotions I haven’t quite processed due to how busy I have been (smell the roses, will ya?). But one thing that we have failed as parents is to have the nursery ready – or even start for that matter. We recently moved condos to expand our space. We now have a bedroom for the baby (was 2/2,  now 3/3). But in that room lies boxes, bins, a vacuum, you name it. Everything that shouldn’t be in a room ready to welcome a new baby to the family. And various bouts of illness hasn’t helped either. But alas, the countdown is on. T-minus two months.

Bella Benson
Getting ready to do it all over again (Bella, circa 2016)

Two months sounds like a lot of time. But you blink, and it’ll be here. So the baby has forced my wife and I to get off our butts and get the room ready if we like it or not. My wife Tara has big aspirations for the theme of the room. That responsibility will definitely fall on me (which I fully expect). There will be paint, there will be furniture, there will be rugs, there will be pictures, there will be a chair, there will be…there will be…there will be cash being spent everywhere.

But as we see our weekends start to fill up, that leaves you no other choice but to get into gear and get it done. We’ve already started pulling out things we bought for our daughter Bella (the crib, the high chair, car seats). Everything needs a bath. We’ll likely sell a bunch of it to make way for ‘better’ products. I say ‘better’ because I’m sure what we have is just fine. Try explaining that to the Chief. Happy wife, happy life. If you’ve lived it, you know it.

So alas, my problem with procrastination has no way to go but away as we prepare for baby #2 and all the joy that comes with her. So I gotta go work on the nursery. Catch you on the flip side.

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