Why I’m starting to unfollow meme accounts

How many times have you jumped on Instagram only to be sucked down the rabbit hole of memes? By memes, I mean the images created by users that just show an image and some clever text to give you quick laugh.

Some of these content creators are just short of genius, don’t get me wrong. They have some witty and amazing ability to make these dumb memes make you crack a rib laughing, but for me, enough is enough.

I never said the memes weren’t spot on.

I’m sure I’ve followed about a dozen of these accounts in Instagram for instance. I’d find myself just staring at this stuff as it clogged my timeline. But there I sat, scrolling and reading and groaning. Because while some are damn funny, others are just plain dumb. And I just started to feel just plain dumb. One day it just hit me that I follow way too many of these stupid accounts.

Maybe I’m just a 40 year old curmudgeon and don’t know any better but to complain about it. Or maybe memes are complicit in the dumbing down the the average human being.  We may never know, but I’m starting to dump these accounts and getting back to seeing real people doing real things. Real important things like posting their filtered faces, their newest FINDS! and their food porn. Sigh.

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