Working on Christmas

Most of us have had to work on holidays. If you’re like me and you’re in the TV News business, then you work holidays more often than not. There are some perks to working on days like today – Christmas Eve. Here are a few:

[+] The newsroom is quiet (barring breaking news). In that case, it’s just one or two people screaming. Not 12.

[+] The restroom is always empty. I’ve always liked quiet restrooms. They’re called restrooms after all.

[+] More coffee, less drinkers. Make a pot. You’re likely the only guy drinking it.

[+] Happy co-workers. The stress-load has lifted. Sanity has been replaced, albeit for a day or two.

[+] You can find neat, last-minute gifts online like <— over there. Procrastinate? I do. Sometimes.

[+] Comp Day. Boom.

Those are just a few perks of working in a newsroom on a holiday like Christmas.

I suppose I better pack up my stuff. The day is almost over. Just in time to crash early and do it again tomorrow.

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