Another iPhone screen fixing session

It’s happened yet again. Another cracked iPhone 4S screen has annoyed me enough to the point of spending the time to replace it. I guess when glass chips start falling out near the ear hole, that’s about last you can put it off.

I have successfully replaced 6 (count em, 6) iPhone 4S screens. This was one event. And another. Yep, another. A few replacements were for my girlfriend’s phone. I guess you can say we are rough on the phones. A simple fix would probably be a thicker case, but I don’t like having too much bulk to carry around on the phone or in trying to stuff into a jean pocket. Here are a bunch of options if you’re interested. So the tradeoff is having to replace screens when they crack. Ah well. Screens can be purchased on eBay for about $25-$28 and delivered with set of tools. You can watch a simple how-to video on YouTube to tackle the project.

My first attempt took several hours because I screwed it up a few times. But I’ve got this process down to about 40 minutes on my best day.

So here’s to no more replacements. The new iPhone is reportedly about to release, so may be time to clean up the phone, sell it and spring for the new one.

Ah, technology. Good times.

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  • If you get cold feet, but you already have the parts, find help. Find a reputable repair (brick and mortar) iPhone shop (a shop which just fixes iPhones, iPods, and iPads) and ask how much it would cost to install your parts. Be aware that all parts are not made equal.

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