Cinemagram app makes it move!

The title of this Cinemagram is called 'Sketchy Fish' (author unknown)

WFTV-TV photographer and friend Dan Criswell just introduced me to a very cool, yet slightly creepy iPhone app. It’s called Cinemagram – what seems to be an offshoot of Instagram with some motion ability! Basically, it’s an animated GIF file. But it takes the magic of your iPhone images and video and merges it into a GIF and not a .JPG or .PNG you’d normally save from your picture reel.

I’m still learning how it works, my first two attempts were failures, so I hijacked this cool image as an example. Thanks to the author! And thanks to Dan for the heads up on this cool app. It’s another thing to take away the few minutes of free time I do have each day, but it’s fun. Get creative!

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