Florida just hit a new record of COVID-19 cases

It’s amazing how much changes in about a year. Nearly a year ago when this pandemic began, we had about 15,000 cases of coronavirus here in Florida. I remember it well as everyone was extremely paranoid because they didn’t know what we were dealing with.

I remember looking at every door handle with extreme focus and wondering, is it there? I’d finagle my arm around the handle and pull or push it open. It was a heightened sense of concern, no doubt.

Covid Dashboard
via Florida Department of Health

Then, there were orders to stay home. And I remember doing so and when I ventured out to go to work (which in itself was a strange situation), the streets were empty. I remember it feeling like Christmas or Thanksgiving day, every day. That feeling when you have to work on a holiday and you are seemingly the only one on the roadways.

Coronavirus Cases19,815

Fast forward to today. We just record 19,816 cases here in the state – the highest ever for Florida. But things are way different this time around. People are in the streets, they’re at restaurants, they’re at work. And yet thousands of people are dying daily. There’s fears we haven’t even hit the peak.

The vaccine isn’t rolling out fast enough. But more is being created and will get here soon (hopefully).

It’s just super illuminating to see how pandemic fatigue works. Most of us are guilty of participating in some way, shape or form. I just hope the scales can start tipping in the right direction before we lose any more lives. Sadly we will lose many more.

It’s truly a testament to ‘it’ll get worse before it gets better’.

Wear a mask. Do your part. Be smart. We need to get through this together.

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