You want it to get better, but it’s not

Every day we are in the newsroom, we usually get the email showcasing  how many new cases of coronavirus hit the state of Florida. Every day we all hope that the downward trend begins. Today wasn’t that day.

We neared 20,000 cases a few times. A week ago we hit our record since the pandemic of total daily cases. Then we dipped for a hot second down to about 11,000 cases thinking we’re on the right track.

Today’s number is 16,875 with 402 new hospitalizations. So you can see, it’s not getting better.

Today’s Stats

  • Fourth day in a row where the state has reported >400 new hospitalizations
  • Today is the fifth-highest single-day increase in new cases
  • Hillsborough County has surpassed 90K total cases
  • 16,875 new cases
  • 186 new deaths (45 LOCAL)
  • 427 new hospitalizations
  • 74,549 new people vaccinated

Vaccine rollout has been a struggle. My buddy in the Cayman Islands reached out to me yesterday and told me he already got his vaccine. Granted, that’s a small segment of people, but he’s nowhere near 65-years-old.

So there’s hope. But it’s taking time. And I’m afraid we’ll continue to see these numbers as long as Florida continues down the same path. People are going to wear their masks only if they want to and don’t feel ‘their rights are being violated’. I wear a mask – and think we all should. Your rights aren’t being violated, we’re just working to put an end to this virus. Get on board. But if you disagree, then plan for a long road. Businesses will shutter. People will die. Just hope it’s no one close to you.

That’s all I got for this Friday. I’m in desperate need of a weekend. A date night at home with a good meal is what I’m looking forward to this weekend with my wife and kids. That’s about as exciting as it’ll get. But at least we know it’s safe and one day closer to the end of this hell.

Happy weekend, folks.

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