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I have worked with a lot of Meteorologists over the years. They can all try to tell you when it’ll rain, but that’s Mother Nature’s decision. They can, however, tell you about wind speeds, fronts, patterns, jet streams, storm surges, it’s a long, scientific list that simply goes on. It seems any weather phenomenon gets them excited.

Well, prepare yourself my fine, weather friends. Now you can bring those clouds…inside. What’s better than your own weather system inside of your home? It’s all possible with the Nebula 12. Stratus, cirrus….ah, the possibilities. Enjoy!

The Nebula 12 creates clouds inside of your home
Most people want clouds to go away. But those who truly love a cloudy day can have it, anytime, with the Nebula 12.

The Nebula 12 is a concept developed by Micasa LAB, Zürich. Using meterological data from MetOff the Nebula forms to represent outside weather: wake up to a flooding yellow light on a sunny day, or below a real cloud on that overcast winter morning. The cloud involves some peculiar techniques, liquid nitrogen, WiFi, and high power vacuum suction

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