How digital storage has changed

I’ve always appreciated hard drive storage. Working in TV News, I’ve created many resume tapes and I’ve enjoyed working on documentaries and short films.  I’ve also been on a never-ending mission to convert my family’s 8mm video collection. At last check, I think we have about 30 hours of footage from 1989 to 2004. All analog, of course. So converting everything to digital, saving it and preserving it can be nearly impossible without ‘external storage’.

Just as impossible, would be affording that storage if it hasn’t dropped in price over the years. Advancing technology has really changed the game. Here’s a unique look at the prices for 1GB of storage over the years since 1981 and the changes in storage technology over the years:

> 1981 $300,000
> 1987 $50,000
> 1990 $10,000
> 1994 $1,000
> 1997 $100
> 2000 $10
> 2004 $1
> 2012 $0.10

Thanks to Mike Vasilev for this great infographic regarding the storage over the years:






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