I reached to pick it up, and…

Josh Benson broke his iPhone 4Horror.  I’ve had my iPhone 4 for less than a month. Now look. What an IDIOT. I was talking on the phone in the kitchen when I twitched and my beautiful, expensive brick of techno-gold slipped from my fingers. I flipped it over and saw the damage. I felt ill. Unbelievably, the phone still worked perfectly. So that was a relief.

The reason why I tell this tale of woe is that I learned something. I called brokemyiphone.com – $149 to fix it and it would take time to ship and return. Probably close to $175 with shipping, time, etc. I decided to just buy a new one since I was concerned the speaker was damaged. I went to Apple.com. They said I’d have to pay $499 for a new phone since my “special offer” of $299 expired. Geez. I then called Apple, they said it was AT&T’s deal.  I called AT&T and they said nothing they could do. They told me it would be $499 for  a new phone and that’s a GOOD deal because normally the phone retails for $699.  I threatened to leave. They didn’t care. They know people hate their service.

Called Apple back on a whim, determined not to give up. The nice lady on the phone sent me to Apple Care (the nice tech folks ‘in the back room’).

We’ll get you all taken care of…

Dan the tech said. He said a replacement would be $199. I couldn’t believe it. The next day, I had a replacement iPhone 4. The NEXT DAY. Apple is still pretty good in my book.  I buy enough gadgets from them, so I feel I’ve earned it.

The iPhone is slippery. Buy a case, dummy.

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