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FRAME iPhone 5
Frame is an iPhone 5 case that turns your phone into the only camera you’ll ever need.

I was chatting with our morning meteorologist Lissette Gonzalez about her camera yesterday. She has a Canon Elph and was taking some pictures at a station event. Her pictures are always crystal clear with great colors. The only downfall I could see is that it’s another device to lug around in a world of too many small devices to lug around! Perhaps it doesn’t bother her. After all, she does carry a purse so perhaps storage isn’t an issue. But for guys like me, jeans only offer so much many options.

This is why I was intrigued in a new product that claims to transform your iPhone 5 into the only camera you’ll ever need.

The product I’m talking about is called ‘Frame‘ announced by the inventor-based idea aggregating website Quirky. Full disclosure, I don’t have an iPhone 5 (yet), and I haven’t tested out Frame at this point, but it looks pretty neat and may help you capture the images you’re looking for.

Here’s a blurb:

Sporting 8 megapixels, improved capture speeds, and stellar low light performance, the iPhone 5’s camera performs with the best of them, but the ergonomics of handling such a thin device can leave something to be desired.

This dilemma was the inspiration for Frame, a phone case that gives your iPhone 5 the form factor of a real camera, allowing any user, pro or Joe, to shoot with confidence. Frame’s textured housing keeps the phone’s body safe in hand, while features like a shutter release button and tripod provide functionality in line with that of a dedicated camera.

Who knows, after a while, you might not notice the difference.

– Ergonomic handle
– Textured soft touch overmold
– Integrated shutter release button
– Tripod mount

– Plastic
– Thermoplastic Elastomer
– Stainless Steel

– 71mm H x 130mm W x 28mm D

It sounds as though this is still in development so pricing is not available at this time, it’ll be interesting to see if consumers embrace this type of product. One thing I do like is that the iPhone 5 seems to have done away with the ‘zombie eye’ problem with an improved camera. This attachment would just add the custom grip we’re so used to on our standard cameras.

With a device like Frame and the iPhone 5’s impressive 8 mexapixel iSight sensor, an LED flash, autofocus, touch focus, face detection, HDR and so much more, shooting pictures is bound to be much more fun, and the ‘camera’  should be a whole lot easier to carry along with you, since after all, it’s your phone.

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