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Getting those Xbox charges off of your credit card

Yep, that’s what I saw on my credit card bill recently. Xbox charges. In fact, I saw three charges on my credit card from the transaction description above. Just from seeing it on my card, I could easily gather it had something to with A) Microsoft, B) XBox and C) Washington.

If you see these on your credit card, you’re probably pretty ticked off. Because if you’re like me, you don’t own an Xbox. You don’t play video games. And you have no idea why Microsoft would be charging you in the first place – I’m a Mac guy. So why would I have XBOX charges?

It was like any given day when I received my credit card bill. But once I saw a few charges in a row, I knew something was up. There were random charges from the same line right in a row. Here are the actual transactions from a screen grab I took a month ago:


Long story short, I called my credit card company. They quickly reversed the charges and investigated. However, today I noticed the reversal was reversed once again and added to my balance as valid charges. I was furious.

How I got rid of these fraudulent XBOX charges:

So this is what I did to solve this maddening issue of these XBOX charges:

  • I found this phone number 1-800-4MYXBOX on this website. Thanks to “Kevin” from Ionia, USA for posting it.
  • I thought I may have signed up for something without even realizing it, but chances are this is a phishing scam.
  • I spent a few minutes on the phone with the rep from XBox. I said I had no Microsoft LIVE login, or an XBox. So he searched the record from my credit card number.
  • He quickly found that a Microsoft LIVE account was created on July 7, 2011. And it was from an email account that I won’t mention here (for now).
  • I did a quick search and found the guy with the email is a ‘Gamer’ out of Glendale, Arizona. We’ll deal with him later.
  • But the rep gave me a Transaction ID number to give to my credit card company indicating this was definitely a case of fraud.
  • The rep cancelled the account and severed the connection to my credit card.
  • I called my credit card company back. No questions asked, they’re sending me a new card with a new number and crediting all the fees.

The XBOX charges that were billed to my credit card

So while it’s a pain to get a new credit card, I don’t want some Gamer in Glendale buying ‘virtual points’ for his gaming escapades. And that’s exactly what he was buying – you can learn about them here. The XBox rep said the guy bought the following:

  • 16,000 Microsoft Virtual Currency Points ($19.99)
  • 16,000 Microsoft Virtual Currency Points ($19.99)
  • 16,000 Microsoft Virtual Currency Points ($49.99)

I hope that got our guy from Glendale some sweet props in the ‘Zombie Slaughter Zone’ on level 25. Sigh.

Lessons learned from the XBOX charges

I consider myself to be pretty careful online and pretty savvy when it comes to identifying phishing scams. But it just goes to show, it can happen any time when you’re not ready for it. These XBOX charges were a real pain. It was a good lesson in checking my credit card account and fighting for what was right.


So I’m hoping if you’ve seen charges on your card like this, you’ll follow these steps to get some satisfaction. I hate scammers. And Karma is just waiting for our Glendale guy when he finishes level 25 with that smirk on his pathetic little face.

If you’ve had this problem in the past, please leave a comment. I’d like to track the source and see if my guy in Glendale isn’t abiding my the ‘Gamer’s Code of Conduct’.

Please post your story in the comments section below. They will help educate others who may have fallen victim to this ridiculousness. Thanks and good luck!

Are you a Discover Card customer? Check out why they’re sending Xbox scam victims to this website and giving out my phone number. If you have a Discover Card, please tell us your story below.

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Josh Benson


  • So I was looking at my bank statement and just found 3 charges that said Macy *xbo. I don’t even own an Xbox..

    • Amber, thanks for the comment. I don’t own an XBOX either. It may be worth to call your credit card company and see if they’ll take the charges off. I ended up getting a new credit card sent to me because someone somehow got access to my number and was buying up ‘virtual points’. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the info. This was driving me crazy. I still don’t know how they got my info. Asses.

  • Found chres o 0.69 on mycard assoiated i the same addess. alled them immdiatly and they stopped usng y card. They could not give me any other info stating all that they had was billing info in front of them at the time Do you know who I can contact to get additionl info. I would like to find out the email that the crook attached to the account so I can track him/her down

    • Thanks, Timothy. I think they’re moving around as the person I tracked down couldn’t be reached. The best course of action is to just deal with the Microsoft LIVE company and the credit card company and they’ll get you fixed up. It was a hassle, but now it’s over.

  • Just found a couple of $75 transactions and 5-6 $2 transactions all for Microsoft (MSFT) on my CC. Luckily the credit card company were on it before I contacted them, identified the fraud and blocked the card.

    • Good to hear the CC company was on it. The problem is, the crook used my actual numbers and there weren’t too many charges, so the card company wasn’t flagged. I’m still baffled as to how they got my number. Good to hear a happy ending, Paul! Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks for the info,I hav been going around in circles with this issue too for prob more than a year I have paid for xbox services that my son HADand has not had in over a year ,but was being charged for 2 accounts every month instead of one UGH SOO frustrating!

    • Call your bank or credit card that the charges were put through. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Microsoft today for fraudulent charges they put through on my credit card. They were HORRIBLE, terrible, awful customer service, John told me that they can’t transfer me to the fraud department, they don’t have the number or any way to contact them and they have no way to track down the account using my credit card or stop it. John told me to take it up with my bank. Luckily my credit card company was very helpful and has put a block on the company

  • The phone # is 1-800-4MYXBOX
    However when I called they could not find a record of my card, and they thought that the thief had “disconnected” it from his account so could do nothing. Apparently if a thief uses the number and then takes it off his live account they can not track it. or the fact that it was ever used.

    I found this very hard to believe that they do not keep all these records. Bottom line they said tough luck. take it up with your bank

  • My credit card was robbed and the same thing happened my c.c was charged with $49.00, the thing is that it was robbed in Mexico not in the US.
    If you happen to have a Mexican complain number plese let me know, I don’t own an XBOX. thanxxx

  • I just had all the above happen to me, the bad part is… I no who had my info” it’s my 32 year son, fipping out over some old Xbox stuff.

    I’m going to the bank and get a new card,this men has my Xbox with all the live info in it and he’s now the owner of 4000 xbox points.

    I should have game playing ass lock the F up for some B.S like that.

    well thanks for all your help, he has to fine someone else to F over
    and for that unlucky person who get it next” I’m sorry hope that you get that hicking M.F with his hands in the cookie jar.

    one bad black dad…

  • I just ran into a case of this in Cadillac, MI.

    Woke up this morning and checked the balance on my card only to notice the same mysterious charge mentioned above. Initially I wasn’t too concerned. Having been an Xbox Live member in the past, I just figured they managed to somehow reapply an old recurring 1 year charge at $59.99

    I contacted Xbox Live billing only to find out they had no record of the charge at all, which made a lot more sense after reading,

    “Apparently if a thief uses the number and then takes it off his live account they can not track it. or the fact that it was ever used.”

    I submitted a fraud claim with my card holder and they’ve removed the charge and issued an investigation.

  • Well, the AZ Jerk is still at it. I thought my husband was going to have a stroke when he saw the charge on our account. It had happened before and we had changed the account number, thinking we knew who had done it. We live about 30 miles from Glendale AZ. Just FYI, in AZ we can legally carry guns. Thanks for the info Josh. Wanna join a posse?

  • Hey!!! i have the same problem. i have been charged 4 times. $ 21.62. it says i purchased something and im pretty sure i didnt. help please!!


  • Ever since the middle of august I have been getting £5.99 charges to my account each month anyone know a UK number I could call?

  • Hello,
    I am french so please, forgive me for my English.
    I received October 29th 2012 a mail saying that they confirm my XBOXlive account. And another one where I would have buy 800 pts…
    After seaching on the web, I noticed that lots of people have the same problem.. It means that it is not the fact of only one people… I guess it is an organized team witch sell accounts or credit cards number to young people (or old who knows ?).
    It is a good idea to do the best to stop those bad guys but what about the “team” ? Who will crush it ?
    Whatever, good thing for me, even if I received this txo mails, I have no charges in my bank account.
    Thx for you to open this place where we can speak together all over the world.

  • I have 3 charges on my cc also. Same address as yours Josh. Going to take care of it asap. Wanted to note that I have been fighting with XBOX live for a four or five years (along with my cedit card co.and/or my bank debit card charges people.) I see the yearly charge on my bill and try to cancel thru credit card company (because you will get zero help from XBOX) C C comp. notifies me it has been taken off and my card blocks future charges-only to have the charge reappear on bank debit statement then again on my CC 11 months later. So far I have not gotten my original “wrong” charge back!

  • my bank was charged $82 from xbox and we don’t know why. So iam just gonna canseling my live gold. and stick with PS3.

  • Thanks for this nice post, we too have no XBOX live and just got 9 debit’s on our card too … Now I know the path to follow.

  • Dear Josh,

    The amount of time you saved me, I can never thank you enough.
    My Sears card was stolen from my purse by a contractor doing work at my home. I recieved the bill, I do not even know what is was. I called the number, they were so nice. I got the names, address, phone numbers and thier email address. I called the police.I will press charges and I hope his room mate in his new living quarters name is BIG BUCK!!!!!

  • Please excuse me for my poor spelling , my iPhone is near death so if it doesn’t change words for me an creates new sentences then it doesn’t bother at all ! So my typing might just be like a bad phone line lol , for the past 3 years iv been fighting against barclays and xbox live ! I for one am a mother with 3 young children. ! Some people might find the time to play xbox and be a parent but I have no time to sit on my own and read the bills let alone game with thousands all over the world! But for the past 3 years iv been paying quarterly bills for some little ass. Hole! I contacted xbox about this and was told if I didn’t know the gamer tag or my 3 numbers on the back of my card then no information could be given to me ! Like I knew at the time if i didn’t know what a gamer tag was the. I obviously had no idea what Wat an xbox looked like switched on and load up! They even tried to accuse my kids of doing it purposely or accidentally ! My eldest was 2 and my youngest was just a year ! And my baby well she’s wasn’t even considered at the time !
    Barclays are just as good for fraud really considering they decided to cancel it after 2 years then a year to the day it stopped I noticed it had started again ! Ringing the bank feeling rather peed off! They then tell me Theyv found a further 3 transactions since i noticed Saturday ! Not only did they fail to stop it they also failed to tell me it had started again ! And now on top of that Theyv relised they never refunded me ! And I was told it would go back I’n today ! Still w8ing since 9:30 am ! Iv rang them plenty of times to day from my mobile contract te first phone call was 46 minuets and so many seconds long ! After I complained the cheeky buggers told me to download an app! Probably so they didn’t have me keep ringing them up telling them how pants they are ! My nan banks with barclays and she can’t use her phone let alone an app! So there’s no hope for the oldies and I think it’s selfish she’s been with the bank 50 years she opens mine 24 years ago ! All before all of this technology crap yet we and they are the ones left behind with no consideration ! Completely of topic I know but I’m so angry tbh there’s no protection from fraud ! Someone going to get ur pennies wether u do all u can or not family menses murdered each other for money! Some stranger just won’t think twice! The moneys gone with I’n instant seconds but yet it takes a week to put back ! It’s my money ! I feel like running I’n barclays grabbing £30 and running shouting behind me ! It’s ok it’s not daylight robbery I’ll bring it back I’n a week !

  • This is ridiculous. I’ve been fighting these mysterious charges for two days. I say we band together and fight this! Use every social media you have access to.

  • I called that #,1-800-4MYXBOX , thank you, and they were able to take off a mo. $19.99 fee. I have 4 charges, but it was because my son signed up.. big mystery is how they got my CC info. anyway they only could reverse one charge, but that was a least something. They were very nice and cancelled the account. Maybe I have to change my bank account #.

    • Thanks, Jen: Glad to hear it worked out for you somewhat. Yes, I found that when I called the number, they were very helpful. I bet they get this a lot. It’s a scam that seems to be pretty prevalent. Thanks for keeping us posted. This thread’s comments helps a lot of people, so thanks to all!

  • i am a gamer it happened to me i had to get a new card .and a mod erased my games how can they do that erase a disc yhey need to shut them down before they make the wrong person mad

  • My son had gotten a new Xbox for Christmas and he received the xbox live gold free for 1 month so I purchased the membership for 1 year $59.99 and the next day there were 4 unauthorized charges totaling $252.02…needless to say I was non to happy about that; how are these game system people allowed to just hack our bank accts. Why isn’t Microsoft being more responsible with their customers information, it’s bad enough you have to purchase these packages just the kids can play these games and with his friends but then the software enables unsuspecting individuals account information to be compromised. Of course an Xbox rep did not see these charges & referred me back to bank :/

  • We are having this problem right now. My husband is on the phone with a rep from Xbox. Will let you know what happens.

  • Xbox is no help at all. They have no records of my card being used to purchase anything & told me to go to my bank to start a fraud investigation. Apparently these idiots can just use your card information to buy whatever they want, the charges will show up on your cc account & the charges may or may not be removed, you’re stuck with the bill and the idiot can go happily on their way playing their xbox game(s) because they can just remove the cc # from their account & Xbox is none the wiser??? This doesn’t make sense to me. Xbox can apparently lock out any Xbox from anywhere in the world if something goes wrong, but they can’t figure out who is charging stuff to my account because the number has been removed already from the gamers account??? I seriously think Xbox needs to keep better records … especially since what they are really doing right now is helping people to commit fraud/theft.

    • Surprising, because they were pretty easy to deal with on my end. I’m sure they are aware at how big this problem has gotten, so they need to tighten up their payment system for these ‘points’. Keep me posted if you get any satisfaction and post your followup here. Thanks for the post.

  • Great to hear it worked out, Alison. It’s so frustrating! I guess a lot of people are having the same issues. Hope you get the card and get back on track soon. Thanks for telling us your story.

  • I keep seeing charges for $59.99 on our bank statement. Seems like monthly at this point. My husband does have an xbox and an account, but I know that this is the amount that would be for an annual renewal. I’m thinking they’re renewing as they wish, or someone else is renewing with our card. Regardless, I am going to show my husband these charges. It’s really too bad people do this. Thanks for the info!

    • Yes, it’s a pain. Best idea is to fight the charges and have the CC company send you a new card with a new number. Turn around time is pretty fast. Good luck and thanks for the post.

  • This just happened to me, 74.99 and 49.99, from my debit account. My bank does not do a good job with investigation, there for I had to request to cancel my card to get a new one, which is obvious, and then they said they could not reverse the charges without a police report and I have to contact xbox. Now I contacted xbox and they had all of my information, my full name, address, phone number and I have never owned an xbox and none of my family members owned a xbox. The guy did not cancel my account but said he removed the card and labeled the account as unauthorized, whatever that means. He also would not give me the email address that was used, but did state it was a different email address than mine, obviously, or I would have gotten xbox emails before. I think xbox needs to tighten their security for the future potential gamers, because someone has figured how to open up fraudulent accounts. Now I am waiting for a deputy to call me back in order to make this police report, which I have never done in my life, thanks crappy bank for not handling this stuff for me.

    • Thanks for the post, Summer. Yes, It’s maddening as hell. Surprised that your bank wasn’t willing to work with you on it a bit more. I was using a credit card from a big agency, so they face fraud investigations all the time. But you use a debit card, so I’m glad that you brought that up. It’s interesting that the bank required a police report to make this happen. How frustrating. Well, keep us posted. One day we’ll get to the bottom of this and shut these people down (let’s hope!). They’re scum. I attached a picture to show kinda what I felt that day. I’m sure you feel the same. Good luck.

  • I just saw my credit card transactions and i found a this: “PURCHASE MSFT XBOX LIVE ON “for $10.69…. and i dont even have an Xbox…. can you help me with this?

    • Hi Karla: Did you get this resolved? Did you try the number and have the card number removed? Let me know how it’s going. I had several charges too. Just a few phone calls and the issues stopped. It’s a pain, but worth doing.

  • Hi thank for the info cking my bank statement and saw a charge for 74.99 I hit the roof I don’t have an Xbox don’t know how to play a game or how my card it got use this has to be stop thank god I ck my statement every month call the number u gave was able to have my card number remove thanks so much


  • Hi thank for the info cking my bank statement and saw a charge for
    74.99 I hit the roof I don’t have an Xbox don’t know how to play a game
    or how my card it got use this has to be stop thank god I ck my
    statement every month call the number u gave was able to have my card
    number remove thanks so much


    • JG: Thanks for the comment. It’s great to hear that this post helped you out! I felt the same way, when I saw those charges I almost hit the roof too. Thanks for letting us know that you had your problems resolved. Take care.

  • May 2012, my son found a “great” X-box Live deal. Two months for $2. They didn’t mention that they also auto renewed it every month.
    When I noticed the repeated charges, Brandon looked online and was recommended to go
    through his X-box and removed the debit card. Not good enough- he didn’t know that he had to cancel the auto renewal that we didn’t know he had.
    When I next noticed the charges, Brandon called to have Microsoft remove the debit card, but was told there was NO card attached to his account-Problem solved-Not So Much-he still didn’t know to tell them to stop the auto renewal, that magically knows the non-attached debit card number AND we don’t know about.
    In February, my debit card expired, thought “Problem Solved Now” I’ll get a new card. Oh No-Same number, updated expiration date. Credit Union still processed charges. Was told that it’s not X-Box’s fault if the credit union processed the charges-Excuse Me-unauthorized charges!!!
    Now it has been a year and enough is enough and I call when I see the charges still showing up.
    After over an hour on the phone, X-Box:
    1. went against policy and refunded 2 months-oh how nice- they are keeping 10 months.
    2. advised that if I wanted more money refunded, I should work with my bank and see what they would give me.
    3. removed my debit card from the account-hmm-thought that was done before.
    4. informed me that the floor manager that authorized the 2 month refund was the “top gun” that customers can talk to. If I call back Monday I will get another floor manager. Really, nobody higher will talk to customers?
    But here is the address for their legal department
    MicroSoft Legal Department
    Attn: X-Box Legal Group
    1 MicroSoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052
    How do I know there will be no more charges? “Well, we took the card off the account!” Okay, Been there-Done that-Didn’t work!
    But what do I do if there are other unauthorized charges? Re-explained that this was the third time we tried to resolve the problem and were reassured it was taken care of. “Well, there is no record of the other call, maybe there was another account, I don’t know what your son did or who he talked to.”
    We didn’t even now it was an auto renewal subscription. “We do that to make it easier
    for customers.”
    Well it’s not, who can I talk to about this situation. Even if I can’t get my money back, something
    need to be changed, it’s crazy, the number of people on the internet with this sort of problem. I did give you the legal department’s address.
    Fine, but what do I do IF there are more charges? You’ll just have to call us back. Thanks for calling.
    Oh, come on-Really!?!?!?

  • I’m 65yo. Don’t own xbox.

    Over 3 weeks time, I received 219 texts from 40404@xboxsupport. Always at 12:01AM, 3:05AM…plus other times. Never received any before last few weeks.

    I have Virgin Mobile cellphone. 3 times I called to block this texter. They could not do it… I finally had to block all text messaging.

    I just reported to 800-myxbox. At first I thought he was laughing at me!

    He didn’t seem serious. Well, it was serious to me..getting spam at all hours.

    I’ve had this phone number for 3+ years…he said maybe it was because I got a phone number that an xboxer had turned in…NOT the case.

    So far I’ve not had anything on my credit cards.

    • Nanyjan: this is interesting. I haven’t heard about these text problems yet. But I myself received some strange texts related to another scam not too long ago. If you search ‘text’ on my website you can read the story. Aggravating. Luckily, they’ve stopped. But keep us posted on this story. May be worth another post specifically about the texting issue.

  • I see now that this is a global fraud. We live in Mexico. We do have XBOX live accounts at our home. However, we did not make any purchases of microsoft points or any other online products for XBOX . We found as many as three charges in the same day ( in Pesos of course ) . My husband was furious. Thank you Josh for your tips on where to start. We learned a lesson today: Carefully check credit card statements every month! These fraudulent charges have been happening for months, Does anyone know how these thieves are doing this?

    • Duncan, thanks for your story! Interesting to see how wide-reaching this scam really is. It is very important to check statements every month. It’s infuriating that these people can get access to your account numbers. But with a little time it can all be fixed. I’m still trying to track down how they got the information in the first place. Someone could be copying the info from a certain business when you pay with a credit card and then selling it to the scammers. Who knows. Thanks again for your comment.

  • I discovered the same problem $74.99 plus tax $81.74 Charge. I don’t own an X-box. I contacted Microsoft and they removed my credit card # from the account. i contacted the credit card company and they reversed the charge. NOW I received a letter from the Credit Card Company saying the charge is valid. Microsoft provided them information, a screen print, that had my credit card #, home address and cell phone # but the email was not mine. How can that be when they already agreed and removed the card from the fraudulent account.

    Now it has become a circle jerk with the Credit Card company telling me Microsoft says the charge is valid because they have my info. Microsoft support says they can’t help me.

  • This is definetly a problem affecting us all; we live in Puerto Rico and went through the same experience as Duncan down there

    We had called Xbox Support various times and tried to fix the problem peacefully, the problem is my brother could not remember his account password, since he had not used the account for quite a long time; we decided that $30 was probably not too much and that it was not worth it to go through the trouble to fight… but today we got a charge of $400; ALL of it from #MSFT XBOXLIVE BILL.XBOX.COMWA. We had not purchased anything and this really gave us a hit… I am currently on hold for 22 minutes until someone from Xbox answers me & this time we may have to lie in order to get something done, this is SO infuriating!

  • Yes this same exact thing happened to me as well. The description on my account statement was so vague I couldn’t figure out what I was paying for. Very frusterating. I hope I can get all of this sorted out soon before I am paying more. Knowing that it has happened to others as well and it is a scam like I thought has been helpful. Thanks for your help!

  • Hello, I am a gamer – I recently went onto my Xbox account information after purchasing 800 xbox live gamer points. What caused me to go and check out my account information was when I received my confirmation email for this purchase, it was addressed to a “Kent Gully.” When I went into my account, I noticed all of my personal information was in Kent’s name, along with his billing and shipping address. After seeing this I went into my stored payment options, and lo and behold I see Kent Gully’s credit card information stored in my payment options next to my credit cards! I had never added, nor ever met a guy named Kent Gully – so I was quite confused on what was going on. I contacted an agent to see what exactly was going on (online via their Xbox Support Chat) and notified them of my situation. All I kept getting from them was “You can change the information on your account though to make sure that you personalize this under your ownership” and “To complete the process, if you may like to remove the credit card that is not yours in this account, we can manually do it for you though.” They gave me no answers, and simply told me to change my information and that they could contact their “higher department.” I have been using this account under my name for 5 years.


    • Wow, Crodice. Thanks for this. I’m sorry I’m just coming across this now. Fishy INDEED. Glad to hear from a gamer’s perspective. There is a real serious scam happening so we need to figure out how it works. This opens the doors to some more ideas. Thanks again and if you have any more issues, please come back and share.

  • Wow, thanks for sharing your stories. It’s awfully frustrating isn’t it?! This has really grown to be a great resource for helping others with this problem thanks to your stories. Continue to check in and let us know how your fight is going with these scammers. And I will post more information as I learn it in the post above. Thanks again.

  • je suis français j’ai pris un abonnement chez msft xbox et mon compte a été piraté pour une somme de 569 euro en 1 mois faite attention leur site n’est pas protégé.

    • Yaaqobi: Merci pour le commentaire. Mon Français est terrible, mais je vous
      apprécie nous faisant savoir votre problème. Merci encore et bonne

      Translated: I am French I took a subscription at msft xbox and my account was pirated for a made sum of 569 euro in 1 month attention their site is not protected.

  • After reading your experience I realized I definitely was scammed. $62.82 was taken out of my bank account by using my debit card. How the heck do they get this info. So I went to my bank immediatly after reading your story and they confirmed I was scammed. I had to sign a dispute and they are currently investigating. I also rung XBOX and they asked for the username and password. Well I didnt know any of this but the more I talked to the XBOX Rep the more confirmation I realized this was definitely a fraud. What can we do about this? Does XBOX even realize that their are idiots out there using their name?

    • Riana: Thanks for telling us your story. I was dumbfounded as to how they accessed my credit card info. The only thing I can think of that may have played a role in my situation was when I purchased a PC with Windows Live. I recall some registrations back then that were online via email. Everything looked very legit then. So other than that, I’m very confused how they got the credit card info. Someone could be capturing these numbers from a reputable source and selling them to a scammer. That stuff happens all the time and sadly, there’s nothing we can do to protect ourselves. It’s great to know most credit cards will investigate fraud charges and reimburse your incorrect transactions. Thanks again.

    • Frustrating, I know. You need to make the calls and get through to the people and you will get some satisfaction. Pain, I know. But the only way to get help. It’s a big problem and sadly, it’s not going away. Stay vigilant! Thanks for the post.

  • Happened to me twice in the last two months. I’m 70 years old and would not even know an xbox if I saw one. They got me for $74.99 each time. I’m on a very limited income. It has hurt me. Now I’m scared because I have no idea how they got my information. They charged it on my debit card.

  • I am locked out of my original XBOX account, and I do not have any of the information to gain access to the password for that gamer tag. I was forced to create a new gamer tag. I have been trying to cancel my old account, but I am told I am unable to do so. I have done their security questions, and I am told I did not provide enough information. Customer support says there is no one I can speak with, no other department that can help. I was advised the account would not be canceled, and I would need to notify my bank MONTHLY to have them dispute the charge. In doing this though my current payment will be rejected as well causing me to have no service. They have to be smarter than this, the security questions cannot be the end of the road. My account is super old, I have forgotten most of that information. Please help

  • Having reaccurring xbox live charges and I don’t own an xbox. Xbox live had no interest at all in my phone call. Would not even take my card number to cancell the account. Compare that to the makers of Rune Quest who not only cancelled the account associated with my card, they asked me to get the police or the fraud division of my credit card company to call them as the had lots of data on the account holder. What a difference in service levels between your microsoft experience and mine, and between Microsoft and the rune quest folks. I felt that the micro serfs I spoke with have no concept that fraud has an effect on all of us.

  • Thanks for your post. Got nailed for 860.00 bucks and don’t even own an xbox. Last game I played was pacman in 1985. Sucked at that. Let’s get rid of these games and get the kids a baseball glove and a tennis racket.

    Again thanks for your post. Much appreciated.

    • Damn, I miss PacMan. I hear you. But you really got hit hard at $850.00. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get it all sorted out. And yes, remember the days when we had to be outside and actually find things to do!? I agree. Kids need much more of that. Hell, adults too. Thanks for the comment.

      • Im 23, i play xbox a lot. I also play touch football, surf, make music and work. Don’t be so stereotypical and generalistic. What’s the difference between gaming and making art? Or writing? If you don’t know about something don’t talk about it.


  • I am glad I am not alone. I discovered an unauthorized charge from them for $219.99 today and I freaked out because 2 major bills need to be paid this week UGH such an inconvenience because now I have to wait 3 business days for it to be investigated/reimbursed back into my account. Like you I am also a Mac person so I still don’t understand how our information was compromised.

    • Joie: What a pain. I can see how that would be a big issue. This has been very frustrating as you can see for a lot of people. So I’m hoping you get it resolved. Keep us posted if you have any other problems. Thanks again for the comment.

  • Just got looking into this. Been going on for a few months. 10.66 is the most Ive seen but I have to track it back further. Thanks for the post. My banking statement only shows MSFT Office, but its a starting point. Thanks for the post

    • Yeah, that’s a great sign that this could be the culprit if you see the MSFT. Especially if you don’t have a Live account or any PC products or software. I noticed mine in a line of charges. So luckily attacked it right away and that was that. Good luck and it’s a great idea to search the bills. Most times the cc company will honor old charges and refund you with an investigation into the incident. Thanks for the post.

  • i had the same thing happen to me, but luckily it was only two charges for 1 each. I called my bank and told them they were fraud, and I’m getting a new card, and hoping the charges are going to be reveresed, 2 bucks isn’t much, but it’s the concept of the matter. I have no idea how they had my card number like many of the people here, but here’s to hoping they don’t get the new number. Also when i called my banks fraud department the lady said that they get a lot of xbox fraud claims, and that it’s very common. I mean really that common is ridiculous!!!!

    • Robert, nice work. You played it right. Some of these readers were hammered with hundreds of dollars and were hit with a few dollars before it happened. It’s almost like these idiot scammers are testing the waters first. That’s interesting she said it’s common. I’d like to research this and track down how they’re getting the numbers. Thanks and I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, glad to hear you tackled the issue head on.

  • Thank you, just saw charges today. Called and cancelled my visa and called Xbox. What a pain. The fake account was created the same day the charges went through on 11/06. I am asking them to freeze this so called new account. She said she had to get her supervisor, are you kidding me!

  • Just called Xbox live and cancelled my credit card also with the cc company and have been exchanging emails with Xbox support. The charges and account at Xbox live was created on the same day. They are not willing to give me the email address of the bad guy and are protecting him. I swear to god, when talking to customer service couple of days ago, they had level 1 support that did not even really know how to do deal with this. It is very apparent that Xbox live does not have the proper processes and procedures in place to keep this from happening.

    • Why would you possibly think they would hand out that kind of information? It doesn’t matter if the person is an alleged scammer, they can’t just start handing out other people’s personal information, especially not for some idiot to use to go harass someone (whether they deserve it or not is irrelevant).

      I’m curious as to what businesses you’re going to where the entry level employees are fully trained in dealing with credit card fraud/identity theft issues and can deal with something like that without a manager, because I’ve sure never seen such a place.

  • My husband pre-ordered the Xbox One back in June. We both loved Xbox and supported them completely even with the PS4 as a competitor. We knew we were not able to afford the Xbox One so my husband called and cancelled his order. 2 weeks later (Nov. 16th) our bank account is over-drafted because $533.74 was taken out by Microsoft. We quickly called the bank and they reversed the transaction and told us that no charges would be made until the next business day. We then tried to get a hold of the Microsoft store to figure out why we were charged this amount when we had just cancelled our order. They told us that our original transaction of the pre-order never went through so we have nothing to worry about. Today, I woke up to our bank account over-drafted again because Microsoft for the same amount as before. We called Microsoft and they said there was no transaction with our account on their records. We went to our bank to file a dispute. Now with 2 bills due in the next week, I have no idea what is going to happen. Microsoft better get their crap together. I’ve never been so disappointed with a company before. I’m sure we will get it figured out, but I wish there was a way to tell the people in charge that there are some serious issues they need to figure out.

  • Even though Microsoft have agreed to refund unauthorised charges, the will only do it if my credit card provider instigate the process. As the X box was in my ownership the credit card provider Tesco Bank, wont make the refund – stuck! After months of letters to and fro, still stuck owing a considerable debt with interest piling on. I was unable to disassociate the card, informed them the charges were not authorised and yet they still allowed them to be charged to my account. What a mess! It seems I can do nothing even though they acknowledge I was not in control of the card.

  • Just pulled my credit card off of xbox live…only took an hour. Had to call customer support and asked for a callback so i wouldn’t have to wait on hold. Got call back and was put on hold.
    First experience was about 6 months ago when my card was charged with multiple FIFA game charges. Our xbox does not now or has never had a FIFA game installed but after loads of back and forth I was told the charges came from my console and were legit. This time i allowed my son to purchase a game pack for a dollar 79. got the email confirming this and the last 3 days have had 11 more charges for the same thing. I watched my son play today for an hour and checked my email. 2 more charges during the time I was watching him NOT purchase anything. Called support and was told I needed to contact EA games….I’m thinking WTF, the charges are through xbox live not EA. Dude said sorry…don’t know anything about it except that you have been charged…have a nice day.
    DO NOT GIVE THESE CROOKS YOUR CC! If you have to use xbox live, I suggest you do it all through prepaid methods and only for the actual amount you need. PS4, here we come.

  • so you think xbox would have a program run there billing system looking for scammers
    but no they are in the dark about personal information and credit scams
    just got a four page bill from my bank over 2000 dollars in xbox in one month
    normal bill for a month of xbox 30 dollars
    10 to 20 purchase a day but no THEY JUST KEEP BILLING
    wonder if Bill Gates can help the poor little guys at xbox
    my profile was hacked all the security setting on my end were in place
    great system great game Bad security and pathetic security of information if they were in Canada xbox would be dealing with the privacy commission then maybe the Cat would be out of the bag
    NEVER I repeat NEVER give them your credit card number

  • I bought my son a video game online thru his XBOX, which I didn’t have a problem with. I just noticed that there are two charges on my bill from XBOX LIVEMISSISSAUGAON, one for $11.29 (the game) and another for $6.20 (no idea what that one is for), made on the same day. I sat beside my son while he placed the order for the one game he wanted and that was it, I left him to continue with his gaming. I don’t think I’ll be ordering him anything else thru his XBOX. I think I’m going to be calling that 1-800 number to see what’s going on.

  • Just happened to me just now $10.65
    I dnt own an xbox or have live so wtf who i call. Banking statement only shows MSFT.

  • This just happened to my husband’s debit card. This charge for $59.99 showed up on our bank statement on 11/29/2013 (wa bill.xbox.com msft *xbox live) We own an xbox 360, but we’ve never used this particular bank card for any transactions. We always used another account. Needless to say, I was pissed. I contacted XBOX and they informed us that they didn’t have either of our card #s in their system. Ok…so why was this card charged if you don’t have the # in your system? We contacted our bank and they called XBOX and was informed that this was a valid charge! Huh?? Did we speak to the same company? So…my husband spoke with XBOX and the bank investigator on 3-way and the story changed back to our card information not being in their system and they were having to do an internal investigation. Our bank is giving us a provisional credit to our account until the investigation is completed, which could take 120 days. This is a huge mess!

  • I have just today had a barclaycard bill for the tune of £718.00 about 1100 dollars for one month, never had one before and apparently I was making up to 20 transactions/ purchases a day and I’m frantic with worry

    Bob from England

  • Pascal from France
    Since a week I saw many charges on my credit card, it began with only 2.85 €
    then 9.89 et finally 18.99 € three times a day.
    My question is : comment peut on être remboursé ?

  • Last month, I saw a charge from this same address for $21.58, and assumed it was my brother, since he and I are on the same bank account. He swore up and down that he bought nothing, and we brushed it off as something auto-renewing. Today, I got hit with a charge for $10.79, exactly half of what it was before, from the same account. The first charge was from 12/30, whereas this charge hit on 1/24, so it’s not like it’s the same day of the month, or the week, or anything that makes sense. Thanks for letting us know that this is apparently a common – and extremely scary – problem. I’ll be calling my bank first thing in the morning!

  • THANKS SO MUCH! I called the number and got that shit refunded. Im pretty sure Microsoft got hacked and cards were leaked. THANKS FOR LETTTING US KNOW MICROSOFT. but helpful pos thanks a lot man

    • Sure Jake, no problem. I’m still not dialed in on how the hell they got the numbers. Target customers have a much bigger worry. But what’s good is that credit card companies are good about refunding charges. Happens all the time. Thanks for the post.

  • This literally is happening to me right now. I called Microsoft & they double checked my purchase history. There was a 25.00$ charge this month & a 30.00 charge in December. Going to the bank tomorrow to get a new card! How annoying!

  • Someone please answer me ASAP; i have quite a different problem, i canceled a credit card because someone had somehow gotten my information, like what happened to you all. i went through the same process and got the charges taken off even though they werent through microsoft. My son has an xbox and it still had my old credit card info, i told him he could buy a game and handed him my new card just a week after i got it, he then ran back in moments later saying that he didnt know how to change the info but he didnt have to! he said my old card, which has been deactivated, let him buy the game without a credit card error popping up! someone please tell me if that can somehow be traced back to me and become a charge, im not very tech savvy.

    • CJ: Interesting issue you have. First off, what were the charges if they weren’t from Microsoft? Also, if you cancel the card, it’s interesting that XBox would have allowed for an in-game or purchase from the console. When a transaction is made buy clicking ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’, the first step that takes place is a connection to the company to confirm the card is valid. It’s generally instantaneous. So I’m unsure how it placed an order. My suspicion is that once the charge is posted, it’ll find it’s declined and then come back to you and demand payment on your credit card bill. Best option is to call your credit card company and get your latest transactions. Tell them what happened. Most likely they will have a solution to divert the charge to your new card or refund you if you’re lucky. (: Good luck!

  • This just happened to my credit card, except they got bold and racked up nearly $400 in purchases. Called Microsoft but they were no help at all. Couldn’t give any info or even cancel that persons account. So they just got a whole bunch of games free, and get to keep them. BS!

    • Wow. $400. That’s awful. You were hit hard. I hate how these idiots scam us and then walk with the goods! Thanks for the story and hope everything was cancelled and you’re over it.

  • i just got hit too!! checked my bank account and the jerk spent over 50 bux on Xbox Live stuff. Called Xbox when I got out of work and they couldn’t locate any account with my debit card number. The guy I spoke to was nice but politely asked to speak to a supervisor. She couldn’t locate an account anywhere to. So this jerk must’ve removed it quickly. True karma will catch this jerk and i’ll get all my money back. But hey, if cops can arrest you for making statements on Facebook, I’m sure they could’ve traced this person’s IP address. Oh well.

    • Thanks for the comment, C. I’m assuming this is a network of idiots doing this, so you’re right – the cops should be able to pinpoint what’s going on. Seems there are plenty of victims. We have to just keep fighting them on our own! Thanks again.

  • I found a charge for $54.99 on my debit card today. I guess your AZ guy is still at it. I’ve never had an xbox either. Thanks for the info, I’m going to report this fraudulent charge to my card company and hopefully get my money back. It’s really a shame when the little guy gets used and abused in the name of big companies.

  • I have a similar problem, every month there’s a $10 charge for XBOX music and iv’e never registered, but i will use this number hopefully they can help

    • I just found about this same charge today, it’s been deducted twice already and another two charges for Xbox live Bill. I didn’t call the number just called Capital One. They will be sending me a new card with new number and will be reimbursing all those monies. When I saw the charges I looked it up online and found this blog!! Thanks to Josh Benson for posting!!!

  • Hey everyone: I’d like to give an update on this story. I am now getting phone calls and emails from scam victims thinking I am the one who is the scam artist! It seems that companies like Discover Card, Peoples Bank of Tulsa and even the ECU in Australia are contacting me trying to get these charges reversed. I simply wrote a blog to help people. It looks as though I’ll have to cancel my phone number to stop these calls. I’ve reached out the financial institutions. Not much is being done. Good luck with your charges and I hope you can resolve the issue. If you succeed, post a message and let us know how it goes. Just don’t call me! (:

  • Hello everyone. Let me join you with a sad little tale of my Grandson being scammed out of £396.
    Very much the same as other victims. Some how, the scammer found his Debit card detail, we think fro inside Microsoft (They tell me it is impossible) They then set up another account using these details,
    Started in May 2013, then by charging this fraudulent account very small amounts on a regular basis the collected Microsoft Product, the charges started to increase until March 31st 2014 they took out his total allowance plus savings of £80.
    We contacted Microsoft, they say go to the bank, the bank say go to Microsoft, It like a nightmare. The money is not really the issue, it is that two large corporations Microsoft and Lloyds bank are suggesting its my Grandsons fault. I have listened in to the Customer Service discussions with my Grandson trying to answer numerous questions , Some are impossible to answer , because he had no Knowledge of the Scam account, They eventually found the scammed account by searching the Debit card details, Still he is left, with the Mighty Microsoft and the Big Bank Lloyds refusing to take responsibility. Has anyone else got any answers

    • David. Awful story. Your grandson saved his money and shouldn’t have to deal with this ‘rubbage’ (I think you say across the pond). (: – the best action I received was from the credit card company as they take fraud cases seriously (well, the Visa branch of US Bank did). And after calling the number I list above, I didn’t get some satisfaction. I just had to get a new card. The charges were taken off and it wasn’t my problem even though I had to deal with the hassle. So hopefully everything works out. Don’t expect much from the big companies. They don’t necessarily care about your grandson, you or me. That’s why we kick and scream to get what’s deserved – not to be scammed. Thanks for your story and we wish you and you grandson well.

  • A new case from Spain. Yesterday 23:30 hour. (Spain) Within 30 minutes: They have made ​​two unauthorized charges on my credit card in the amount of: € 70.08. They tried to make two more charges, but the card was blocked.

    Today I called the bank to cancel the card. Now I have to go to the bank office to claim the two charges of € 70.08

    The line item in the charges is “MSFT * BILLING” (they were loaded from United Kingdom)

  • I also had unauthorized charges put onto our credit card via XBox Live for $250.
    But thing to remember when dealing with online game companies,always use a prepaid game card..never share a bank account number or debit card with them.
    At least with a game charge you know the limit of what can be used.
    I understand why people switch to apple or android now!

    I have reported this Unauthorised Transaction to http://www.vcharges.com/.

  • This just happened to me as well, Had ten charges adding up to 400 dollars. Luckily Discover caught it and contacted me via text message and said they thought i had fraud activity on my account. On my account the transaction came up as MSFT bills.ms.net . Getting new card also

  • This just happened to me too. My husband found the charges made from Xbox Live this morning on our joint account, 5 of them totaling about $70 made over a 3 or 4 day period this past week. Not as much money as a lot of people posting here, but still it sucks. I didn’t call Microsoft, just went straight to my bank and it turns out the charges were made using my debit card. So now I’ve canceled it and I have to go to the bank tomorrow to get a temporary card while I wait on a new card to arrive. How aggravating! Hopefully the bank will refund the lost money after investigating the claim I filed. I just wish there is more that could be done to stop this sort of stuff from happening.

  • I know I’m not having the same issue but I too have been screwed by Microsoft. Me and my girlfriend are both gamers (when we have time between work and children) anyways about a month ago my girlfriend purchased a $60 12 month live card just because its much more convenient. Two days ago we received a notice saying that our 1 month membership has expired. We figured it was the free month we received from purchasing the new Xbox One but we were sadly mistaken. So we spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft with them telling us all we can do is pay another $60 for our membership to continue unless able to prove we purchased the card. So afterwards we spent another hour with GameStop just for them to tell us we need to contact Microsoft again to obtain our Ref. number. After about 3 1/2 hours later only thing we were told was that we will receive an email to let us know something. We are still waiting on the email at this point. Everyone is better off to avoid Xbox and the hastle that comes with it.

  • Holy freakin A!!! I feel seriously stupid here and this is why:

    I noticed a charge of $10.69 on my debit card statement from Microsoft made through my PayPal account today. So I began downloading my Bank Statements for the past year–and there they are–every single month–sometimes 3 times a month!!!
    I feel like a complete idiot! I’m a single mom who works 50-60 hours a week. I get a text message when my account falls below $50–and I hate to admit this–I don’t check my statements.
    Between the children, work, school activities, sports the kids are in and having a mom with Alzheimer’s, I’m lucky to get 30 mins a day by myself!
    Now what?! Will I be laughed at for even attempting to get this money back?! I’m so freakin pi$$ed off–both at the lowlife doing this AND myself!!


  • Same happened to me, three transactions in two days:

    £49.99 04-Nov-2014 MS XBOX LIVE
    £14.99 04-Nov-2014 MSFT BILLING
    £14.99 05-Nov-2014 MSFT BILLING

    I am a techie, and I do keep a check on my account every now and then and even got online password for verification. Called the bank and told them they weren’t done by me and asked them to refund. They have now opened a fraudulent transaction ticket with MS. Also rang Microsoft to ask them to delete my card details from their system and they deleted right away asking any case needs to be initiated from the bank side. Also asked my bank to block that card and issue me with a new card.

    I wonder those people who don’t use internet banking much and don’t keep an eye on their accounts, how quickly you can lose money.

  • Our AMEX got hit overnight with the same hustle:
    You had several pending charges with MSFT XBOX LIVE and ELECTRONIC ARTS – ORIGIN.
    AMEX is excellent at capturing strange charges and customer service, so they refused these charges and will issue a new card within a day. I am almost 72 and not a fun of video games!

  • I just found charges on my account this morning, I am currently on the line with xbox. They can remove the card but wont tell me who has the account.

  • I have jus noticed the same thing for a lot more than 3 tho I will go to bank later to get refunded is it defo a scam?

  • Happening RIGHT NOW same as you, bill.Xbox.com, wa ! Had to reset my password just to get into my own Xbox account! Thing is, this card is a SOC SEC DISABILITY card that I am trying to raise two children on! Piece of shit has to steal from THAT? And why isn’t it more difficult to do? Because Xbox gets the money. And the less that catch it, the more they make. So why care? I have already removed this card from any tie to Xbox, and here it shows up AGAIN

  • I just checked my bank statement and from January 27th 2015 to March 2nd 2015 (4 days total) there are 52 unauthorized charges from XBox Live ranging from $2.11 to $73.74, totaling $747.00!!!!!!!!!

    The charges were made within seconds of each other at times. Not one was authorized! How does this happen. I have $380 left in the bank and the $747 was my rent for March (plus the remaining $380.00)

    We were late last month on rent and have had nothing but problems with our landlord. He will start the eviction process because in August he refused to renew our lease and served us an eviction notice. We sued for shutting off our electric, harassment and landlord intimidation and the judge made him pay us and gave us position of the apartment. But he can evict us now for being late. Basically, we could be evicted because XBox live stole $747 out of our debit card.

    WTF do we do? It’s a 45 min wait to get throught to Xbox so I’m wondering if even more peopl are having the same issue?

    What if hackers pretending to be a player on GTA 5 on Xbox found a way to take a back door into the other players accounts, clones the account and goes back out the back door with out being detected? Is this possible? My husband is IT and knows a lot about all of this stuff but he said Xbox claims no one has ever been able to hack XBOX but I don’t buy it.

  • Thanks for the help.

    Same story here. Seems like an epidemic of MS pickpocketing. No wonder Gates is the richest man on Earth.

  • It is happening to me I just spotted it today and I will try my best to resolve the problem at my bank. They are great at taking charges down so this will be my first thing this week to get out before it happens again I’m changing my card for sure.

  • Yeah trying this one out. I thought it was my cousin as we shared my card but he cancelled his account as did i. Out of nowhere i check my account and i was billed 9.99 again. Problem is my xbox doesnt have my account anymore and is on a usb drive right next to me. I really cant be charged for something not even connected at the moment and my account says im not subscribed to anything.

  • I am having the same problem and I was chewing my son’s butt for it!! I am going to be on the phone for awhile and see if I can’t recover some of my hard earned cash!

  • i had some problems also and i called the number for xbox live and spoke with a gamer. i tell you he was the nicest guy and refunded my money right away. took my information out of the system and he told me that i can get gift cards for xbox live so that way no credit/debit card information is on the system. thanks Dave. so to those of you who dont know about this stuff don’t hesitate to call and get it taken care of. sure i had to wait 45 minutes for a call back but it was worth waiting cuz i received my money back within 15 minutes…….

  • This happened to us, too. Checked my bank account. Someone has hacked into my Xbox Live account and has charged over $1200. Been talking to Microsoft Escalation Department. So far no resolution because they are sticking to there Terms agreement. I watch when every time my son wants points and I know he did not do it. I also used debit card…dumb me but I feel Microsoft should be more proactive. I have asked of date, time when all of these charges made, they told me that they could not verify time but only date and that it came from his console. Can anybody give me more info on how this might have happened?

  • I have lost over $1,000 in four months to fraudulent microsoft xbox charges. I cancelled my debit card and got a new one, did not give out my new card number nor use it on xbox, but the charges continued. Some of the charges occured during a two week period that my phone and internet were down due to a storm so clearly it was not me. The charges are for Grand Theft Auto gaming time. I do not have Grand Theft Auto. The bank initially took the charges off but Microsoft claimed the charges are legit and areconnected my IP address. What can I do?

    • You have GRAND THEFT AUTO. You have to have it or you never would have got charged. If they catch you, You can get up to 3500 to a 5,000 fine or jail time. I know a few people it happened to. Just pay it…………

      • No, I do not have it and do not want it. I continued to receive charges even after a lightening storm knocked out my phone and internet for over two weeks.

  • I’ve removed both of my credit cards and went to prepaid cards, I’m still getting billed. “Rebillbillxboxcomwa”
    Do any of you have an idea as to what’s happening to me?
    Please email me.

  • I am literally snapping out. I seen 4 charges for 49.99 for Sony Xbox live. Last time I played a friggn Video game was when Pong came out in the 80’s and Atari…..I just went Ape shit on a representive who was the Nastiest below average sub-human I ever spoke too. I was nice, very nice, but she was a nasty, miserable Broad so I chewed her a new Ass and got her Manager on the Phone. I think I had her in tears, But I don’t give a shit. I want my card refunded……

  • I just saw a charge on my card for this also. I am 70 do not own an xbox or play that game so bank of America will have to help me also with this.

  • It just happened to me and I immediately called the card company. MICROSOFT * BILL.MS.NET WAUS was what it went under. He’s doing smaller charges to get to bigger ones. Reporting it to the FBI, please everyone out there do the same.

    • This just happened to us. Xbox won’t tell me who’s acct it is they claim they don’t know… BS! They found the account with my cc info on it and removed it but won’t tell me even the gamer tag of the person!! I am afraid it may be one my kids friends who took the info from my wallet but Microsoft is protecting them. Apparently they can even reuse the card just by reentering the info!!!# ahhhh so frustrating that they protect the thief so they can make more money!!!! Nothing can be done to even cancel the persons Xbox live acct! Ridiculous! They get to keep the goods and have zero repercussions… Microsoft is so ridiculously insecure it’s pathetic.

      • I brought my son 12 months Xbox live two weeks later another 2 lots of 12 months Xbox live got purchased on my card and another 3 months all in one day I argued it out that anybody in the right mind would not buy that much but got no where told to claim it from back from the bank for Microsoft to tell the bank it didn’t look suspicious… I wanted the gaming tag or the account they said they didn’t know I told them to cancel all the codes refund me then give me one code back complete joke my sons Xbox live was purchased on his Xbox all the others were purchased from Microsoft store I’m looking into reporting them for fraud.

    • I had them get $59.00 3 times out of my debt card, I have never had Xbox or any Microsoft products. I am hoping the bank will work it out for me.

  • this also happened to me last saturday i believe how it occured was due to selling my old xbox to gameatop that i had been signed into..by law they are rquired to wipe the harddrive but they must have NOT because there is no other way someone would have access to my microsoft profile i recently update my card on my proFILE..after i got paid someone was using it on an older xbox 360 to pirchase games and wiped out my bank account…im looking into reporting to fbi as microsoft said there was nothing they could do for me and i would have to contact my bank which is not seemingly helping my situation at the moment . i dont have proof of how this occurred but but the only reason that makes since is because gamestop failed to follow the proceedure required by law..im also looking into a lawauit against gamestop

  • josh in the UK here, just
    happened to me, found 3 payments of MICROSOFT * BILL.MS.NET, MICROSOFT * BILL.XBOX and MICROSOFT * BILL.NET.IE all £31.99 each, my bank have cancelled card and should be able to refund me but how is this possible from an xbox live account? i’ve never had one! how is this ‘gamer’ able to get my card details? are are they getting it from my email which is microsoft(outlook)? and can they just do it at will? is it worth calling xbox/microsoft to alert them?

  • This happened to me in April 2015. I do have an xbox and xbox account too.
    So I noticed $199.99 TWO TIMES IN A ROW Plus some $20 charges. And it was Via XBOX for Zynga Poker Chips for the Zynga Poker App for mobile. Doesn’t make sense does it?
    Someone stole my credit card info and used an xbox account to buy virtual money for an app that has nothing to do xbox.
    I filed the Reg-E Claim with bank. And they ended up saying I spent the money. So I lost my cool. Ended up having to take a picture of every single devices IP Address I own and emailing it to the bank. AFTER I got ahold of xbox and they wrote me an official statement that the IP address and account used in the purchases were not mine. As soon as I had xbox info and IP addresses, the bank refunded and apologized.

    I’ve learned the hard way.

    NEVER USE A CREDIT / DEBIT CARD ON XBOX LIVE, PLAYSTATION NETWORK, GOOGLE PLAY, iStore or ANY OTHER ONLINE PURCHASE EVER! Just pay for a temp debit card with a specific amount on it when needed. Spare yourself.

  • Here is some more help for those of you who are getting hit with Xbox charges like I have been on three different occasions despite three fraud claims with the bank resulting in three different replacement cards. In talking with Microsoft Help we discovered that someone opened five accounts using my credit card and each account was charging what appeared to be a monthly subscription fee. Due to their security procedures, the MS helper could not see any background information on the account without a one time use code that they can ping to the email address on the account. Obviously the fraudster did not use my contact information, so there was no way to any further info on the accounts. And that is where Microsoft’s gamer account business practices fail miserably.

    Microsoft’s fraud procedures basically suck. The helper said that MS considers fraud the credit card company’s problem and not theirs. Nice huh? It’s actually worse than that. My fraud claim with the bank simply results in me getting a new card and MS not getting paid for those charges. But then when the next month’s subscription charges get rejected due to not having the current card info, MS simply goes to the credit card company, MasterCard in this case, and gets the updated card info and the charges magically appear again as if the fraudster has updated the accounts with your new card info. He or she doesn’t actually have that info, it is simply how MS deals with their account billing and their agreements with the major card companies. In other words, MS is facilitating the fraudster.

    Now that I followed the procedures recommended by Josh Benson and killed the card through MS on all five accounts, it should stop the update request by MS and will force the fraudster account holder to find another card to keep up their fraudster ways. Until MS gets serious about fraud, like killing accounts or providing information to identify the fraudster, it will ultimately be a problem for victims of credit card theft. Shame on Microsoft.

  • It has been over a year now that I’ve been canceling cards and battling with Microsoft and credit card company’s. We have deleted all cards, canceled all cards and still are being charged fraudulent charges by Microsoft. They request the new card number when the canceled one does not go through, credit card company gives it to them. I have been charged about 10k over the last two years. It’s a job just to get the charges reversed and constantly be disputing with banks. Microsoft says they can do nothing about it and it is a gamer getting your info and using it. I don’t believe this for a second. I’ve asked them to put a block on all credit card charges, I’ve asked the credit card companies to do the same and still……, weekly charges are popping up. Think of the people that don’t catch the charges. Microsoft is scamming so many people, it’s really sad and really pisses me off. I’m going to get my lawyer involved at this point. I don’t have the time to fix someone else’s fucked up system and frankly shouldn’t have to. It’s sick and a shame. You would think Microsoft would be making enough money as a company to protect its customers against this sort of thing. I’ve never dealt with another company that is so negligent.

  • It’s the old John Prine song, “same thing, same thing happened to me”, Just got off the phone with VISA fraud prevention, I’ve had 4 cards hacked in the last two years, oddly only VISA. When she asked me if a “grandchild” could have ordered it, coyly referring to my age in the on-screen profile, I replied “don’t have grandkids, don’t know anyone who even owns a Xbox” Mine was charged in Euros, converted to Canadian $, so who knows where this fraudster is located or WTF they ordered at my expense so far. Been thru the fraud-cancel card-send a new one, wait a couple weeks so VISA’s satisfied I didn’t order whatever it was costing $111.43, twice in 2 days, then start calling them for 2 more weeks. Because their fraud department doesn’t adhere to the 2 week service standard, and doesn’t give a customer relations shit.

  • I had 5 unauthorized charges billed to my MasterCard from “MICROSOFT *XBOX BILL.XBOX.COMIRL” (amounts ranging from $100 to $105) in the past 7 days. I never owned an XBOX and have never created an account with them in the past so I was surprised to see these charges through online banking! I called MasterCard and they suggested me to call the merchant (XBOX) first to see if I can resolve it with them directly first. So I called the XBOX customer support line at 1-800-469-9269 but the rep could NOT find the charges in their system even though I gave them my MasterCard & all the details. There was nothing that he could do except send me an email to confirm that he could not find the charges and contact my Financial Institution. I also spoke with a female rep from their Corporate Office Billing Department (425 882 8080 ) to see if they could see the charges going through & locate the XBOX user but she also could NOT find that these charges to my MasterCard. This is ridiculous because both reps could NOT see any these charges. In addition, they cannot suspend taking payment from this credit card so that means it is possible for the thief (XBOX user) to use it again before I call MasterCard to dispute theses charge & deactivate my card. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated in Microsoft and their XBOX division for having such as faulty system that PROTECTS these crooks. I would have expected for them to trace the XBOX user and deactivate the account right away, even if they are unwilling to tell me who it is. This is unacceptable and Microsoft & other large corporations need to have more secure ways to protect victims of fraud and catch these thieves. Maybe Microsoft doesn’t mind the temporary positive cash flows and rewarding XBOX users that pay, even if it is through illegitimate means…

    • I had some fraudulent xbox charges and called yesterday and today. Yesterday, the person found only one charge, for 90.39. Weird, because I had TWO fraudulent charges, for 68.83 each. Today I called and got a better rep – he said he did find three accounts with my card tied to them, and two of them had one charge each for 90.39 CANADIAN. Which indeed is about 68.83 US. That’s the good news. Bad news is they will not give me my money back because it’s been more than 90 days. My bank also won’t do anything for me for the same reason. AND, microsoft wouldn’t tell me who the people were (the guy said he couldn’t tell) and seemed completely uninterested in doing anything about the criminal activity they’re allowing. All they would do was remove my card number from the accounts. Well, I already killed the card, so that’s not really helping. BTW, I also had a fraudulent charge to nintendo the day after the Xbox charges.

  • I had some fraudulent xbox charges and called microsoft yesterday 3/15/2016 and today.
    Yesterday, the person found only one charge, for $90.39. Weird, because I
    had TWO fraudulent charges, on 10/6/2015, for $68.83 each. Today I called and got a
    better rep – he said he did find three accounts with my card tied to
    them, and two of them had one charge each for 90.39 CANADIAN. Which
    indeed is about 68.83 US. That’s the good news. Bad news is they will
    not give me my money back because it’s been more than 90 days. My bank
    also won’t do anything for me for the same reason. AND, microsoft
    wouldn’t tell me who the people were (the guy said he couldn’t tell) and
    seemed completely uninterested in doing anything about the criminal
    activity they’re allowing. All they would do was remove my card number
    from the accounts. Well, I already killed the card, so that’s not really
    helping. BTW, I also had a fraudulent charge to nintendo the day after
    the Xbox charges. I just called Nintendo, and they’re going to give me a refund. Yay Nintendo. As for Microsoft — I’m not done with them yet.

  • My wife and I purchased a month of Xbox live for our son2 days ago, he is 9 but has a hard time reading and today we noticed he had purchased over $200 worth of stuff including more Xbox live, over 30 items when all said and done and we are wondering if anyone has had this issue and were able to reverse the charges somehow with Xbox?

  • U.K. I brought my son 12 months Xbox live two weeks later another 2 lots of 12 months Xbox live got purchased on my card and another 3 months all in one day I argued it out that anybody in the right mind would not buy that much but got no where told to claim it from back from the bank for Microsoft to tell the bank it didn’t look suspicious… I wanted the gaming tag or the account they said they didn’t know I told them to cancel all the codes refund me then give me one code back complete joke my sons Xbox live was purchased on his Xbox all the others were purchased from Microsoft store I’m looking into reporting them for fraud.

  • I had the exact same thing happen but my credit card company refused to credit my money back after I disputed the charge the first time with credit card and xbox said I did make the purchase. I am furious and they both say there is nothing I can do!! ERRR

  • Thank you for posting this. I just noticed these charges on my credits card today and there’s already several hundred in charges. I’m going to call my bank ASAP to get the charges reversed. I’ll see what they recommend about getting a new card.

  • Interesting post , I Appreciate the analysis – Does anyone know where I could access a fillable My Life Planning Workbook copy to work with ?

    • Hello Marc, my business partner accessed a fillable ON Request OSAP Access Number document with this link http://goo.gl/ySoqJN

  • i think we all should file a class action lawsuit against Microsoft and Xbox live i was also charged many times and they wont help me i talked to four different people till i got a supervisor her name was Katrina and then she hung up on me!!

  • Today (8/17/16), I saw my bill for the first time. It had 4 identical transactions on July 29 for MICROSOFT *XBOX08006427676WA for $59.99, totaling $239.96. It infuriated me. I called my credit card company immediately, which will be reversing the charges and issuing me a new credit card with a new account number. Personally, I have never owned an XBox and have no interest in owning one. Microsoft and XBox should be held accountable for keeping track of peoples’ names and addresses who use their services, not by their billing information (which some of their customers steal from innocent people), but as to where these services are being provided. What get’s me is that they don’t bother to check whether the billing information is valid. I believe they should call the credit card holder if these charges are legit before accepting these charges, and if they can’t reach me, it should not be accepted. I have a fraud alert on my credit report, why are they not calling me rather than accepting these charges?

    • Microsoft receives large amounts of purchases from hundreds of thousands of users a day. They can’t call each and every purchase into a the credit card companies specially because when we order something we want it within 20 seconds. Microsofts uses the same request that each and every other website/company/webstore uses. They ask for the postal/zip of the cardholder, the cardholders name, the card number, etc… So it was likely that someone had somehow gotten a hold of your personal info and if that happens nothing can be done by them, because they believe it’s you.

  • I got called monday by a guy who claimed to be from Microsoft. He said he wanted to confirm I didn’t order the xbox gift card and then he’d reverse the charges. He actually knew my name, phone# and the last 4 of my credit card. But he told me to call the bank and cancel the card.

    The bank confirmed the charges happened and then were reversed.
    I called microsoft and they confirmed someone created a microsoft account using an email address “like mine” ish.. and registered with it. And apparently they knew my address name and phone # to go with it. They ordered the xbox card and cancelled it within 30 minutes. PRIOR to calling me.

    …..So either he messed up on his phone call to me and didn’t even ask for whatever info he was looking for, or he was just messing with me to get me to cancel my credit card….

    Either way, I’ve got a new credit card. Is there a scam out there that’s just trying to waste people’s time? Seems kind of odd…. Anyway, lesson of the story, *57.

  • Microsoft’s support in India is absolutely garbage. They refuse to help, barely understand, and never seem to have any supervisors available. They won’t elevate calls to a higher level upon request, and spend most of the time apologizing and essentially saying there’s nothing they can do, even though the solution would be pretty obvious from a billing standpoint (REFUND, CANCEL, FIX THE PROBLEM for the customer!)

    In my case it wasn’t a scam, but a dishonest billing practice. Microsoft doesn’t indicate on some game purchase pages that the game in question cannot use MS gift card balance for purchase. They just skip right ahead and pull from your credit card, and don’t use the gift card balance. No warning, no “your gift card cannot be used for this purchase”, no nothing.

    Then they tell you you’re stuck with the purchase on your credit card instead of them being able to use MICROSOFT CREDIT for a purchase from MICROSOFT’S STORE.

    That’s like going into Walmart with a Walmart gift card and finding out, after you’ve gotten home, that some of the items in your basket were just purchased on your credit card because gifts cards weren’t allowed for those items.

    Microsoft customer service is awful, and their billing practices are shady.

  • I am so glad I decided to investigate these charges. I have been getting 1-2 charges every month on my credit card dating back to April 2016 from MSFT Misc/Bill Pay (PB) for $19.19. I’ve been noticing it for months but, figured it was my Beach Body account. But, then it dawned on me that I cancelled the service months ago, and my card.
    I don’t own an XBox, but I have a Microsoft outlook email account, from back when I signed up for email which then was hotmail. Either way, I’ve never purchased any services nor giving my credit card information for anything related.
    My boyfriend has some type of gaming component and is big on gaming. I’m wondering if he isn’t the culprit!? I’m going to investigate further and try to find out. I’ll report my findings asap. Today the office is closed, but I’ll call in the morning and get on this stat.

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  • over 200 $1.99 charges on one of my cards. The card company reversed it, but if has been going on, all card companies should be aware at this point! Why haven’t I heard more about it?

  • This is the 3rd credit card that has been hacked in 2 years. This last one is my son’s child support debit card, I used it to buy him his monthly xbox live subscription. I have now learned that since March 2017 to May 2017 $1551.36 has been stolen from the card. We do not get “statements” from child support debit cards so when a $25 went missing here and there I thought not much of it, but in May $1300 alone was charged every other day! NO BODY finds it incredible that a $1300 charges in one month on xbox live games is a RED FLAG???!!!! Microsoft initially started to help me but………..suddenly the call dropped REALLLYYYYY

    • Did your charges ever get reversed??? This to has happened to me!! The first day was $354.94 and then the second day was $309.94!!!!! I said the same thing, RED FLAG!!! And the kid said to me “Well with the time of year that it is”!!!! Are you kidding me

  • I just got charges on my card today. Someone stole my son’s account and is now trying to take it over completely. I live I Glendale, Az and find this to be a huge error on Microsoft’s part. They should have better security.

    • Microsoft was fast to fix my account and is working on my refunds. If you have issues call 18004myxbox. They are friendly and work quickly.

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  • So my ex boyfriend had an Xbox live account which I put my card on, no big deal. Toward the end of our relationship I witnessed him take my card off his Xbox account, but the charges continued happening. Naturally I thought it would be the ex, until I remembered that he didn’t have any wifi where he lived. I attempted to contact Microsoft support regarding the issue, but they wouldn’t move forward unless I provided them with an Xbox account number that I don’t have, which is the problem. So I had my bank change my card number. Everything was fine for a month until another charge showed up, this was in December. Once again I asked for a new card but this time filed a dispute for the charges, to which my banks insurance company said they could not refund me because i had previous charges on my account for Microsoft. Whatever, that would’ve been fine if the charges didn’t occur again after getting my 3rd card, but it did. One in March, one in April and one a few days ago (this is in June). Finally fed up with the fraudulent charges, I set a meeting with the manager of my bank, who is also a gamer and understands how these big companies work. The insurance company encouraged me to reach out to Microsoft support again to see if they would take my account out of the system completely. Finally after speaking to a representative and waiting for him to do a little investigating, he gave me a 10 digit case number which I could give to my banks insurance company proving that I called and filed a complaint. Now I am just waiting to see the multi billion dollar company will refund me my few hundred dollar that have been stolen over the months. Fingers crossed. If anyone sees any mysterious charges on their account I encourage you to make it known and get them investigated IMMEDIATELY, before they take more money.

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  • I just had 3 $100 charges from microsoft over the matter of 3 second (according to the bank). Microsoft said they don’t see the charge on their side and I was at fault because it’s my username and password to protect. The bank refunded it, for now unless they think I approved the transactions. I don’t know what to think when I can’t trust my bank info with one of the biggest tech companies in the world…

  • I have an Xbox account and had removed my debit card and replaced it with a Walmart visa gift card a year ago. I received four emails from them dated 05/26/17 05/27/17 06/07/17 06/27/17 all saying to please update my billing information as the payment will not go through. It wouldn’t go through because my gift card was empty and I had no desire to continue my membership. Someone at Xbox took it upon themselves to retrieve my deleted debit card and put it back on the account and then charged me $59.99. Then I incurred a $35 over draft and a $12.50 transfer fee for the overdraft fee. When I called Xbox billing the rep almost called me a liar by saying it shows you added and removed the card today. I said listen I was sleeping and didn’t add anything to the account. I woke up to charges I did not authorize along with overdraft fees. Explained when they do a fraud investigation and see the IP address tagged for adding the card would come from inside Microsoft. That I am the one who removed it again when I saw the fraudulent charges and that old debit card was mysteriously added back without my permission. He immediately refunded my money when he realized I am not an idiot. I will never use a debit or credit card with them ever again.

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  • Does anyone really get their money back from this multi million dollar company???? I have been promised that MY money was going to be returned and I have yet to see it. This all started on the 13th of August, for $354.94 and then AGAIN on the 15th for $309.94!!!! How does this happen when you already have a claim in for fraudulent charges? My total out of pocket money is $664.88, this is my bill money and is affecting me paying my bills!!!!! People plan for their own things they need to take care of and when this happens it makes it very difficult!!!!! PLEASE help in resolving this matter

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  • I have been fighting this same issue for months and am at the end of my rope. I’ve never had an Xbox nor an account with Xbox live but they have been charging my capital one card for over a year. Capital one has wasted my time by sending me numerous new cards which I never even activate because it’s not even the card at issue anymore. Microsoft apparently has direct access to my account because they aren’t even using any of the new card numbers it just defaults to the original scammed card even though that was deactivated long ago. I have been rude and loud in my calls to capital one since the last three times I’ve had to call them and even though they remove the charges the fact that I have to deal with this repeatedly month after month is beyond frustrating. And since Xbox live hasn’t got my actual information for me to cancel the fraudulent account I’m reduced to venting on some person in another country who is barely intelligible enough to understand that giving me yet another canned response is only making my blood pressure higher. I feel like I’m in “the good place” being tortured by Michael. Arrggghhhh!

  • same issue. had a problem with my CC company so was not getting statements. started in October. is up to $1,900+ trying to work with Microsoft to reveres. CC will only do 60 days. will try the number you posted.


  • Hi I thought I was the only one experiencing this. This has been happening to me for months now and I keep changing my card number yet it still happens. I’m loosing a lot of money and every time I call the bank to say it’s fraud they just send back my money only to have it stolen back again. I don’t own any XBOX products too.

  • He is still at it, I actually live in Arizona 3 minutes from Glendale. I have canceled 2 debit cards and he has found me each time. I now am afraid to open up any type of money card in my name.

  • This is happening to me right now the difference is I do have an Xbox account but it’s absolutely only one I’m getting charged four times a month 1589 which is the price of my Xbox ultimate subscription I didn’t notice cuz I hardly look at my statement until recently and it’s been happening since June of last year I appreciate this article I will follow the steps that you had listed to get this off wish me luck

  • I have had the same problem since January. However, “X Boy” was using my debit card. At first I called the bank, they also reversed the charges.Then they reversed them to me. I also called Microsoft.

    The first charges amounted to about $20.00. Nothing happened for a few weeks. Then “it” started. The charges started coming in every weekend for as little as $8.99 to as much as $49.99. Since January “X Boy” has gamed away close to $1000.00. He must be sharing with other “X-ers “. It turns out that the child in question was “14”, and someone that My husband paid to cut the grass. We have known since he was 10. We haven’t had kids around since in 20 years. We know him. I reported him to Juvenile Court, who in turn reported this to the police.

    I don’t know where it goes from here for this boy.

    After his arrest ,his dad brought me the 3 gaming systems in the house, and all the games, headphones etc. He said he didn’t know the games were such a problem. At the time I wondered where was the supervision?

  • I was charged 1.99 by Xbox Redmond Washington. This is a fraudulent transaction I do not own a Xbox and do not play video games. I reported the transaction and am waiting for a response. Not sure how my card information got out. This is a cash app card.

  • We continue to have Microsoft charges on our cc and even changed banks only to have the Microsoft charges occur at the new back cc. How in the world do we stop this madness?

  • i took this for my grandson so he could play his XBOX but he is now incarcerated and I am needing to stop the payments

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