New Slingbox models launched

SlingboxIf you’ve never owned a Slingbox, you’re missing out. It’s a box that can take a video stream like your home cable programming and stream it to you, live, without any audio or video glitches. In fact, the quality can be so good, it rivals some TV programming I’ve seen on flat screens. I’ve had my Slingbox since 2007 and haven’t missed a Minnesota Vikings game since.

How is this possible? It’s genius, actually Sling Media created the Slingbox and allowed it to use upload speeds from your internet service provider instead of download speeds which most everything uses these days. So if your bandwidth is cramped and being taken up by some hog in the neighborhood or large area, chances are your stream will still be crisp and clear on your mobile tablet, phone or computer.

And now the Slingbox is even better. Sling Media has launched two new models, the 350 and the 500 (watch the video here). They both stream HD quality video 1080p and the 500 allows for a Wi-Fi connection.

I recently interviewed Sling Media’s Director of Public Relations Brian Jaquet on my Spreecast Tech & Biz Channel to ask what a Slingbox is, how the new models work and what is planned for the future of the little black box that allows you to take your home TV anywhere you go.

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Josh Benson


  • As a company, Slingbox has gone off the deep end price gouging its customers and changing things to specifically meet their end. Their product breaks. Their customer service is heinous by charging so much to support their erratic acting product. Their re-direct to watch online now forces us to an App store page with no way to close the page and get to the normal “watch” URL from a browser. The iPad app I bought must have HD streaming to it, but my SAT box does not have HD so I’m stuck with a $29.00 app… thirty frikking dollars for an App. The iPhone app simply doesn’t work, then works, then doesn’t work, then works with no change in anything outside of it. I hate this company’s practices so much that I’m commenting. I’ve never made a negative comment in public before. I hope other companies crush Slingbox. I’m so upset that they have my money and there’s nothing I can do about it. I have been financially raped by Slingbox.

Josh Benson


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