Oh, those old stacks of magazines

Stacks of Magazines
They're growing! They're under the bed! Agghh!

I can’t stand it. What is it with some women (I guess some men fit this bill too) and their desire to keep magazines, stack them up and 1) claim they’re going to read them or 2) save them for reference for ‘future ideas’?

I love my mom to death but she used to be a major ‘mag-hoarder’. I remember the stacks of Better Homes and Gardens. Higher and higher they climbed. It was quite a sight: “Mom, why the magazines,” I’d ask.

“Because I have ideas bookmarked and I like to go back and look at them,” she’d sweetly reply. Very well, I digress. But after today I’ve learned there’s no longer a reason to keep them. Away with the magazines! Introducing: Houzz.com.

Houzz is a Palo Alto start-up that is really starting to kill it. It’s a leading destination website for home design enthusiasts, professionals or homeowners. The site has over 450,000 hi-res images of anything you can imagine related to your home: basements, bedrooms, wine cellars, offices, kitchens, etc. And they have links to buy some of the materials and furniture they display. Basically designers and architects promote their work on the site. And the work is unreal.

A Houzz Screen Shot
A screen shot from Houzz.com

That’s the short of it, but if you’re interior-design challenged like I am (I still have a blank picture frame on my wall), then you should check it out. One day I plan to build the greatest office in the world in my future house. But first I need a house and then I need the world’s greatest plan to do so. Hopefully that’s where Houzz comes in.

Thanks to the very talented Liza Hausman, Vice-President of Marketing for Houzz for stopping by and letting me know how the company operates and where they’re headed. You can check out the interview on the archived Spreecast here in the Tech and Biz Channel.

And Mom, Happy early Mother’s Day. I just ordered you a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens! (That’s a lie) – But you will get something nice, that won’t add any new clutter to the room.

As for my girlfriend and her ‘fashion’ and ‘celebriDirt’ mags…I give up.

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