Phantom 2 Vision Plus Unboxing

I’m excited to finally unbox the new DJI Phantom 2 Vision + (Plus). Here is a gallery of the full contents of the box and all that comes shipped with the Phantom 2 Vision+. I’ve had a few test flights already and will be posting them here very soon. Please check back for the latest!

If you’re looking to buy the new Phantom 2 Vision + , I recommend Luckitron from Amazon. They shipped this out and I emailed them because I needed it before my trip. They upgraded the shipping for free and had it a day later. Amazing delivery. Click here to go to the product page of their store.

Phantom 2 Vision Plus Unboxing

With this Phantom 2 Vision Plus unboxing, you can see there’s a lot that comes in the box. But there’s very little you need to fly the device. That is, except a lot of practice. There are several steps you need to take before taking to the air correctly, but overall, it’s a very smart drone that does all the heavy lifting on it’s own.

Let me know what you think of the Phantom series in the comments. And if you own one yourself, tell us what you like/dislike about them. Thanks!

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  • Every kid who ever built a model plane, or had an electric train, or glued together model cars is going to want one of these.

  • Along with every adult I come across who may have never done any of the above! This thing is a game-changer. I’m just interested to see how laws are enacted and how this will affect local news. I can deploy this thing in seconds.

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