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I had a near-disaster today. Since I live in Orlando, I don’t get all the Vikings games on TV. So I sent a Slingbox to my buddy (who lives in Minnesota) and I can watch the games on my Apple MacBook Pro with a HDMI converter that hooks into my TV. The Slingbox could be one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever owned.

The Slingbox HD: One helluva gadgetWith Slingbox, I can watch any games I’d normally miss (in HD as well!). But today, something was wrong with the Slingbox. My buddy was gone for the day. The connection was there, but there was no video. It was bizarre. So I was out of luck and stressing out about it. I was hoping this would be the game would be the one that turned the Vikings luck around. They’ve looked horrible. A train wreck. Soap opera. Ish.

So after a feverish hour of searching online, I found a site called – a website that pulls in live television streams from all over the world. Sure enough, they carried the Vikings/Cardinals game. It wasn’t the greatest quality, but I wasn’t complaining.

The Vikings looked flat, as they have all season. But then a 4th quarter spark got them 2 touchdowns that tied the game. In overtime, the defense came alive. The game ended on a field goal for the Vikings. Life was wonderful once again.

Can they turn it around?
Is there enough left in the tank?

So is this the game that turns the Vikings luck around?

Lets hope so. This team has been plagued with injuries, drama, sext-messages, more drama and dumb calls by referees and coaches. It’s really made for interesting TV.

Either way, I was happy to know when all of my plans to watch the game failed, there was still a ray of hope with

I love the internet.

Go Vikings.

UPDATE: Well, we’ve figured out what the problem was with the Slingbox. The IR cable (the cable with the little infrared light that points to where you aim the remote – had been bumped. So while the box was connected, I just couldn’t turn it on with my remote on the Slingbox website. Oh well. Technology is not perfect. But we’re back on track for Sunday against Chicago.

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