The $1,000 iPhone 4

I’ve done it again.

These things don’t grow on trees, ya know. But I still manage to fling them around like a nasty apple with a wormhole and a nice, fat bruise on it. I dropped my iPhone 4 again. This is the second time.

The first time was in my kitchen. Tile. I did the smash and dash around the apartment cursing myself to no end. Why was I so stupid?! Be gentle. Be gingerly. But I move fast and make a lot of noise, and therefore, I have two iPhone casualties.

My iPhone cracked. What now?
Dropped, but not forgotten. Another iPhone eats the dust.

The first phone fix was going to be spendy. AT&T wouldn’t help (jerks). Apple gave me the run around telling me to call AT&T. But my second attempt to Apple, the rep put me through to the engineering department. They said I could send the broken phone in and they’d replace with a new phone for $199. That was a steal back then. Because these phones were like the holy grail.

Fast-forward a year, getting out of my car after my dinner break. My iPhone was in my lap. Black phone, black case, sitting in my lap (black pants) in my black car on a dark, black night. I get up after I open the door and that horrible sound. I see my phone face down on the pavement. I did have a case this time around. But not protecting the front. Cases don’t protect the front. From the picture you can see the result.

This time I tired a ‘fix-it’ shop. About a mile from my house I found a place called FixByUs. Perfect. They were even running a special – $89.99.

I dropped it off, picked it up a half-hour later and she’s good as new. But the button is now going on it. That’s another $29.00 to fix. So I figure by the time the new iPhone 5 comes out in October, I’ll have about $1,000 invested into this baby.

Slow and steady saves you cash.

Til my next tragedy, my friends.


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Josh Benson


  • Ha. I think Apple just wants you to keep pulling the trigger on their products. That’s why they’re the most profitable! Blackberry should come up with the crystal-glass super phone. You drop it, you buy another! Urgh. I bet these phones are cheaper than your shoes though!

  • I have my iPhone in an Otterbox Defender. I have only dropped it once and it bounced. What case did you have it in the first time?

    • Al, you’re a smart man. I have an iPhone for work as well, and bought the Otterbox. It’s bulky, but safe. I guess I didn’t want too much bulk on my personal phone. But there lies the problem. It’s a Splash case. Not much protection, but keeps it sleek. Catch-22 I guess. Thanks for posting! JB

Josh Benson


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