The one problem with YouTube TV

I’ve had YouTube TV for a few months now. I absolutely love it. Not only is it a great service with plenty of options, there are no cords, no boxes, no high cable bills and no hassle. But it doesn’t mean there are no problems. In fact, there’s really only one problem with YouTube TV I’ve experienced.

This problem isn’t even YouTube TV’s fault. It falls on Spectrum, my previous cable company. Sadly, I have to continue to pay over-priced Spectrum in order to get Internet service. Well, tonight, the fiber line was cut and there was no Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi means no YouTube TV.

Problem with YouTube TV
An example of a cut fiber line. No bueno.

I guess it’s no different than DirecTV dishes getting slammed with rain and snow (which I’ve experienced). So sadly, until crews get out and fix the line, we’re out of TV. That is unless we want to watch it on our cell phones with cellular service. So there’s always a backup plan. Can’t do that with cable TV.

But if you haven’t cut the cord for streaming, I highly recommend it. Just know that cutting the cord literally is a pain in the ass.

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