Turn off recommended words on iOS 8

If you’re an Apple fan with an affinity for updates, you’ve most likely been giving iOS 8 a workout by now. You’ll notice some new features. I have updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8 and am happy with some of the new features. I have by no means tried out all of them, but it is packed with new features that only seem to make day to day tasks easier.

However, one feature I can’t seem to get used to (granted, it’s only been a few days) is the predictive words feature on the keyboard. A lot of people have been asking me how can they turn off recommended words on iOS 8. I agreed with them. I don’t see it as a great, valuable feature but more of a nuisance. Sure, if I used it a lot and got used to it I maybe become faster on the keys. But that’s for another day. I have enough to learn now.

So here is how you do it in an easy to follow breakdown.

Turn off recommended words on iOS 8

Follow these screen steps to turn off the predictive words feature on your iPhone or iPad. That will allow you to turn off recommended words on your new iOS software.

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How to get rid of recommended words in iOS 8


Let us know how you’re liking the new iOS 8. If you have any questions about any other features or are having trouble using one or several of them, let us know and we’ll create a cheat sheet for you. Leave your comments below.

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