Update allows you to import videos to Instagram

It’s finally here, perhaps the most requested update for Instagram. Now users of the app can import videos to Instagram. Both iPhone and Android users will be able to import, trim, filter and post their greatest archived videos into 15 seconds of fame.

Instagram posted the update (version 4.1) on Wednesday and in doing so, take a major leap on Vine with the new import option. Many users have clamored for the feature since the only option was to record videos in the moment. Vine allows users to take 6-second clips while Instagram upped the ante to 15-seconds. However, users are still limited to 15-seconds when importing old videos. But the new update comes complete with a easy-to-use trim tool and an option to select the thumbnail frame.

[alert type=”warning”]Warning! If your phone is full of images and videos and you’re hurting for space, be sure to know that when you clip old videos and post to Instagram, it will SAVE that clip on your camera roll eating up some more space. [/alert]

What I found interesting and quite cool is that if you record your videos in landscape mode, you have the option to move the actual video from side-to-side to fit the square frame Instagram requires. A subtle, neat feature that allows more flexibility for your old video posts.

Import Video to Instagram
You’ll notice a new icon on the right side of the video option on Instagram. Click that and select any video in the camera roll.

Even more options with the Instagram update

More tweaks are included in the 4.1 update. You can straighten photos with just a tap on the iOS version. Instagram also expanded Android support for the feature to include devices running the 4.0 version of Ice Cream Sandwich. Instagram says it was “the Android community’s number-one request.”

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