Videoconferencing stock and Coronavirus connection?

I love Zoom. I use it almost daily for various types of meetings. In fact today at WFLA we used it to learn more about some software we may be using. But have you seen Zoom’s stock lately?

A great blog I follow AVC pointed out a unique, possible connection between Zoom’s stock price in the last month or two and the recent developments with Coronavirus.

Zoom stock

If you had to travel overseas to attend meetings, would you? Voluntarily? To China? Likely not, and chances are you couldn’t. So that means videoconferencing is a great solution. Today’s technology like Zoom allows you to chat face to face in real time with few, if any glitches.

And thus, the stock is rising. Is it related directly to Coronavirus? Maybe not. But maybe it is?

I thought this was a fascinating observation and one that I will closely follow throughout this Coronavirus debacle and beyond.

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