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Purple Reign

I can’t say enough good about the Vikings. Sure, they’ve angered us Minnesotans in the past with their last minute losses, fumble follies and downright disappointment. I feel like the Vikings deserve a Super Bowl win. The Twins nailed the World Series a few times, but they are overdue for another. The Wolves? Well, one miracle at a time. And Gopher sports just has me downright...

A Gift from the Gods?

H1N1 – why do we talk about it so much? Probably because it’s never been truly seen before and we all need to freak out about something now and then. Thousands die of the seasonal flu each year and thousands have died from H1N1. It definitely is a serious matter. Either way, I want nothing to do with it. With my new motivation to work out and shed the “fluff” around the...

Josh Benson


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