Stuck inside and feeling it

Boy, this thing just started and I’m starting to feel it. It’s great to have a weekend off, but I’m staring down paternity leave in a few days and I know there will be little to no sleep and a LOT of sitting around and making-do.

I actually excel in that scenario. I have endless projects and work to keep me busy (Shameless Plug: Check out my pandemic project Concert Corona. It’s a site of all the popular artists streaming live from home. Please pass it along). So I will stay busy, but it’s a lot of sitting. Aches set in, crankiness fills the void and, well, it’s not healthy. So time to change that.

Overall it was a good day. We got Bella out of the house for a few walks with the dog. Tara is about to pop, so she’s hurting, but she’s remaining calm and positive. How, is beyond me. Tough girl.

But we are thankful. Thankful we’re not losing jobs (yet?!), thankful we’re healthy and thankful we have each other and a little girl who loves Mom and Dad and life to the fullest.

Be well.

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